WebMoney Japan Game Awards
WebMoney Japan Game Awards

WebMoney Japan Game Awards

WebMoney Japan Game Awards

The “ONLINE GAME AWARDS 2009” in Akihabara honored the best Japanese offerings which naturally included a Mobile Content section.

Machine Translation: [JPN]

WebMoney that was the publisher of digital cash “WebMoney” held online gaming live event “ONLINE GAME messe.2009” of a domestic maximum level in Akihabara UDX 4F gallery on December 13. In the ceremony of “WebMoney Award 2009” done in the event, the winning title is announced. “Arad record of a war” was elected Grand Prix of ONLINE GAME Award 2009 that was the online game section.

In ONLINE GAME Award, the game title that acquires a most in nine genres supported to an ardent fan in addition to the BEST GAMES prize of the BEST ROOKIE prize that acquires a most turnout in the title formally released Grand Prix and this year when a most turnout was acquired and the high rank of the acquisition turnout turnout is commended as a section prize. Moreover, three acquisition number of votes high-ranking titles are commended as BEST MOBILE CONTENT prize in MOBILE CONTENT Award of the cellular phone game section. Moreover, five sites are commended and the gold prize and 13 sites are commended as a silver prize with the diamond prize and 9 sites in Enjoy Award of the personal sector such as blogs and Web sites.

Radio actor’s Midori Kawahika and Noto Asamiko appeared in the presenter of each prize, and the representative of each winning title was commended.

ONLINE GAME Award 2009 Grand Prix

Prize Title Corporate name
Grand Prix Arad record of a war [Nekuson]
BEST ROOKIE prize Grand fantasy [Aeria]
Special prize Third wave Third wave
BEST RPG prize [Mabinogi] [Nekuson]
BEST action RPG prize Arad record of a war [Nekuson]
BEST FPS prize Sudden attack Game yarrow
BEST avatar community prize [Niko] and town Smile lab
BEST sports game prize [Suka] and [gorufupan;ya] Game jar
BEST simulation game prize [Doragonkuruseido] Vector
BEST game portal prize [Attoge-muzu] [Ji-kuresuto]
BEST table game prize 777TOWN.net [Sami-nettowa-kusu]
BEST social network game prize [Rivuri-airando] Sonnet entertainment


Prize Title Company name
BEST GAMES prize [Attoge-muzu] [Ji-kuresuto]
BEST GAMES prize Alliance of Valiant Arms Playing a game on
BEST GAMES prize Arad record of a war [Nekuson]
BEST GAMES prize Counter strike online [Nekuson]
BEST GAMES prize Grand fantasy [Aeria]
BEST GAMES prize Sudden attack Game yarrow
BEST GAMES prize [Suka] and [gorufupan;ya] Game jar
BEST GAMES prize Special force NHN Japan
BEST GAMES prize 777 towns. net [Sami-nettowa-kusu]
BEST GAMES prize [Teiruzuui;-ba-] [Nekuson]
BEST GAMES prize [Tokimekifantaji-rate-ru] Game jar
BEST GAMES prize [Doragonkuruseido] Vector
BEST GAMES prize [Niko] and town Smile lab
BEST GAMES prize The Perfect World [Shi-andoshi-medei;a]
BEST GAMES prize Fantasy earth 0 Game jar
BEST GAMES prize Master of Epic [Gonzorosso]
BEST GAMES prize [Mabinogi] [Nekuson]
BEST GAMES prize Mystic stone [Aeria]
BEST GAMES prize Maple story [Nekuson]
BEST GAMES prize Ragnarok online Gung Ho online entertainment
BEST GAMES prize [Rivuri-airando] Sonnet entertainment
BEST GAMES prize Lucent heart [Gamaniadejitaruenta-teinmento]
BEST GAMES prize RED STONE Playing a game on


Title Company name
[Hange]. jp NHN Japan
Paradise in the de quest wick sea all-. Square Enix/[shi-e-mobairu]
[Mobage-taun] Dee [enu] [e-]

Enjoy Award 2009

Prize Title
Diamond prize Sudden attack capture blog
Diamond prize The eighth [jou] which it is electronic street
Diamond prize Comprehension opium
Diamond prize Neutral
Diamond prize [Rojikkuparadaisu]([rojipara])
Gold prize [Ameritatto] sudden is attacked aggressive.
Gold prize Citrocube
Gold prize 07th Expansion
Gold prize One time in bicycle world [warosu] w of [**] Someya
Gold prize [Chatora] and [hachiware]
Gold prize Order that I saw.
Gold prize White Rabbit
Gold prize – “[Monesu] board” * that connects the world of MIXMASTER
Gold prize Livetube
Silver prize Dog and cat
Silver prize Our three sisters – today’s event seen with cartoon –
Silver prize RAGtime
Silver prize TECHSIDE.NET
Silver prize WordGear
Silver prize Lamplight to which MOM is pil
ed up
Silver prize FF11 Michael site
Silver prize BABARAGEO
Silver prize Day of factory of ..bud.. [nichi]
Silver prize Flash gaming site NEXTFRAME(!)
Silver prize Misawa of hell”Ana to make woman fall in love”
Silver prize The story that has been loved ..the defect and love… the woman who is the corner of the classroom
Silver prize False Island