Grand Prix Mobile Special Event
Grand Prix Mobile Special Event

Grand Prix Mobile Special Event

Grand Prix Mobile Special Event

au by KDDI is running a special mobile campaign for 100 lucky winners to see Tomokazu Sugita perform live!

Machine Translation:

In “Radio actor grand prix mobile”, I will invite 100 au users to ‘KEITAI * guardian’ special event of the 15th anniversary of the radio actor grand prix to which performs the character and the Allen Uris in the work and Tomokazu Sugita who performs from among member the voice mobile.

The application starts with voice mobile at 18 o’clock Friday, December 11. Please check the following details, and apply rapidly.

[Kansatoru] 1
Tomokazu Sugita
Emcee: Takeshi Washizaki

December 28, 2009(Monday)
– 10:30 opening the doors/11:00 starting
– 12:30 opening the doors/13:00 starting
– When drawing lots, I will specify to which times to invite it.

Core and [ikebukuro] (Toshima inhabitants of a ward center) cultural hall
Address: Tokyo Toshima Ward Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-20-10
Closest station: JR Yamanote line Ikebukuro station east exit 5 minutes on foot

application period
18 o’clock Friday, December 11, 2009- Until 24 o’clock Thursday, December 17

application method
It accesses portable site “Radio actor grand prix mobile” and the member is registered.
Please apply from the event application form on ‘KEITAI * guardian’ specially-installed page in the site.

qualification requirements
Radio actor grand prix mobile member who uses cellular phone of au

winning announcement
I will send be elected entrance PASS with mail on Monday, December 21.

– It is not possible to apply from cellular phones other than au.
– When entering, I will confirm entrance PASS. Please note the display only with the cellular phone used when applying about entrance PASS.

related site
Animated cartoon Ito:

“New sense * carrying voice adventure” game ‘KEITAI * guardian’ by [korabo] of KDDI × animated cartoon Ito × radio actor grand prix is delivering au special preceding in “Radio actor grand prix mobile” now. Because the character & radio actor waiting image and voice of arrival, etc. are delivered besides the game, it accesses it from the following QR code.

Allen Uris: [Kansatoruwa]
[Doreijia] marble: Tomokazu Sugita
Sarria [ba-nii;]: [**] [gawadaisuke]
No Darren seal: Shore tail [daisuke]
Wilkon fork: Daisuke Ono
[E-risu] MacDowell: [Hiraatsu] Terashima

radio actor grand prix mobile

distribution schedule
No Darren 12/12 (Saturday)- seal
[Doreijia] 12/19 (Saturday)- marble
12/26 (Saturday)- Wilkon fork
[E-risu] 1/9 (Saturday)- MacDowell

1,000 yen or more is bought in the animated cartoon Ito each shop, and it is a hoping person.
– It becomes a distribution end as soon as it is lost in wear ahead.

Radio actor grand prix web