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Japan Mobile Youth Survey

Japan Mobile Youth Survey

Japan Mobile Youth Survey

Tokyo elementary school research shows 70% of six-graders have mobile phone [JPN] http://bit.ly/4GfENL

Machine Translation:

The realities of the grade-schooler and the cellular phone use in the center of a city – The pit crew announced the result of “Investigation concerning the grade-schooler’s cellular phone use” done in cooperation with six schools of central ward in the elementary school on December 2.

This investigation is execution of the realities of the net use from portable use of the grade-schooler in the central area of Tokyo and the cellular phone from September 1st to October 20th to investigate for all the pupils of our school at a central elementary school, a Kyobashi reclaimed land elementary school, an Akashi elementary school, [yasushimei] elementary school, a Kito elementary school, and a discernment positive elementary school, and the number of valid responses is 1145 people.

The cellular phone ownership rate of six school in central ward elementary school child was 54.3%, the boy was 48.5% when seeing by sex, and the girl was 61.1% according to this investigation. Moreover, the ownership rate of the sixth grader in the elementary school is 68.9%. The numerical value (the boy 18.9% and the girl 30.5% that was the cellular phone ownership rate whole country average of the sixth grade of elementary school that became like 65.6% in the boy and 72.2% in the girl, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology had made public) was greatly exceeded.

Comparatively a lot of schools are guessed, and the junior high school examination intention ..the inclusion.. is high, the cram school expert [iwosuru] student after school is guessed, and the guardian’s crime prevention consideration is guessed to be high etc. to be to the background of the height having rate because the living space ..a lot.. and downtown are near the guess in this investigation object of the long distance student who is going to school.

Hereafter, 48.2% and a lot of answers of first grade of elementary school continued like 14.6% as for the second grade of elementary school and 14.1% as for the third grade of elementary school at time when the cellular phone was owned. The answer of owning it from the preschool is included, the total value to the third grade of elementary school exceeds 80 percent, and it is possible to look for the appearance made an early stage at the cellular phone ownership time. Moreover, it was answered that 55.4% hoped when asking whether to hope for ownership to the cellular phone non-owner. Moreover, it is answered that similarly, there is an experience that 33.3% talked about the ownership of the cellular phone with the guardian among the cellular phone non-owners.

The answer of using mail when the purpose of use of the cellular phone is heard is 75.1%. The answer of site inspection was 21.7%, and it stayed in a low numerical value compared with the mail availability. A lot of answers until about 20 o’clock became 66.7%, and the use time zone of the cellular phone was 18.3% the answer until about 22 o’clock and continued to this. As for the upper-grade, the answer of using it exceeding 22 o’clock has not increased greatly though the response rate assumed until about 22 o’clock is higher than low and the junior high school year.

17.1% is “Certain” and answers the question of having done a scary experience when the cellular phone is used. The answer assumed to be “Certain” has particularly gone up to 32.2% a lot in the grader of especially six girl. In the content of a scary experience, “Strange E-mail” is most and is 63.6%. There were 14.3% answer “Claim on money”, too. It is answered, 74% is “One” consulting when a scary experience is done ahead. Moreover, it becomes 29% in the boy though the girl is 2.2% in the answer assumed to be “Do not consult”, and following to the boy child seems to be chiefly important for the trouble of the net.

The answer of using filtering is 15.9%, and it lowers considerably compared with the numerical value of 57% obtained for the investigation where Tokyo went to schoolchildren’ guardians. The child who exceeds half of remark food seems to be enough and acknowledgment not to be enough though accurate availability is uncertain because it is answered, “Do not understand” the presence of the filtering use yet.

In addition, 56.1% answered when hearing whether there was a decision of the rule for the cellular phone use, “The rule has been decided”. A ratio by all school years except the fourth grader “The rule has been decided” of the girl high, becoming the upper-grade high ratios are occupied. As for the upper-grade girl, both cellular phone ownership rates and scary experience experience rates were high numerical values, and the rule was decided, used on the other hand, and the upper-grade girl obtained the result in which it was a lot of.

The rule with concreteness such as “When mail was done as the friend, got clearance from parents” and “It doesn’t answer the telephone from the person who did not know” stood out about the breakdown of the rule besides a basic condition such as “Time”, “Charge”, and “Place” was enumerated, too. Especially, it tends to limit the other party of use, to use, and to say that it is possible to look for the intention of the guardian who wants to assume, “The cellular phone is for report of the principle and the guardian”.

The realities for which the cellular phone was used while observing the rule from which the grade-schooler in the central area of Tokyo was decided among guardians by this investigation were clarified. Moreover, it is possible to look leading of the rule of the home to the site inspection from the cellular phone, the chance of the mail use, and the control of frequency.

When it is necessary to pay attention to “Pair rental control” for the guardian to discuss positively with the child, and to handle the telecommunication equipment under a clear rule further, it brings it together from the rule of the home causing the major impact for the grade-schooler’s net use in the net literacy education now.