DoCoMo and DeNA Announce JV
DoCoMo and DeNA Announce JV

DoCoMo and DeNA Announce JV

DoCoMo and DeNA Announce JV

DoCoMo and DeNA (company behind Mobagetown) are forming a UGC (User Generated Content) company next April. [JPN]

Machine Translation:

D’I [enu] [e-] Ltd. (The headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo and President and Representative Director and CEO: south [batomoko] and DeNA henceforth) and NTT DoCoMo (henceforth DoCoMo) concluded the joint-venture contract to establish the joint venture company newly today.

Background and purpose of new company establishment

Internet use has become daily by making of the cellular phone terminal and efficient speeding up the communication on the cellular phone at last few years. User making contents (henceforth UGC:User Generated Content) services invented by a general user who makes the cellular phone novel a representative in that surely collects the user’s support. It is thought that the service of UGC is diversified developing about the communication infrastructure and the cellular phone terminal in the future further, and the demand expands further.

The service offer power that values the mechanism of ability to pull in more customers and the account in the i-mode of the development power of the community service that activates contents that the management knowhow, the system development power, and the user created and DoCoMo and the customer needs is united, and to create a new UGC business on the cellular phone jointly, it
sets up a new company. When service is managed, juvenile protection that sets of the screening criterion proper, maintains of the system of the examination, and is thorough in patrol on the site, etc. is considered enough. The management of a mobile UGC site where the joint venture company can inspect and contribute contents that the user made is scheduled to begin in the first six months of the term of fiscal year 2010.

Joint company overview

Trade name Undecided
The main activities UGC render of service on cellular phone
Home city Tokyo Shibuya Ward Yoyogi 4-30-3
Representative The President and Representative Director: [Ikedajun](D’I
[enu] [e-] corporate officer Ltd.)
Contribution 1.6 billion yen(capital: 800 million yen and capital
reserve: 800 million yen)
Ratio of capital contribution DeNA(70%) and DoCoMo(30%)
Establishment time April, 2010(schedule)
Service beginning The first six months of the term of fiscal year
Number of employees Ten people(schedule)

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