Sony Ericsson XPERIA for Japan?
Sony Ericsson XPERIA for Japan?

Sony Ericsson XPERIA for Japan?

Sony Ericsson XPERIA for Japan?

According to several media comments over the last month the new X10 is coming here soon! [JPN]

Machine Translation:

Sony Ericsson announced their new “XPERIA X10” smart phone on November 3. It is scheduled to put it on the market in every country in the world including Japan in the first half of 2010.

Both OS was “WindowsMobile” of Microsoft though this company had turned on “XPERIA X1” “XPERIA X2” up to now as a smart phone of the XPERIA series. This XPERIA X10 newly adopted open platform “Android OS 1.6” of Google. In addition, it explains that CPU installs “Snap dragon” of Qualcomm (driving frequency 1GHz), and achieved excellent operativeness.

– It corresponds to the use frequency band of DoCoMo.

What should be paid attention most in a basic specification of XPERIA X10 is a part of the correspondence frequency. The frequency band responds to 900/1700/2100MHz and 800/1900/2100MHz though the method is W-CDMA(HSPA), GSM, and GPRS/EDGE. Latter 800MHz is a frequency band (1700MHz of the former is one of U.S. T-Mobile, and differ from the [i-] mobility in Japan) that NTT DoCoMo uses in Japan.

In a word, Sony Ericsson is to contemplate a Japanese market from the start, and to develop “XPERIA X10” as a flagship model for the world. NTT DoCoMo comes out on November 10 some stories for XPERIA X10 might come out by the average though the symposium of a new product for next spring will be scheduled from this autumn, too.

Sony Ericsson adopted the method in which thoroughly using the Internet by this product announcement, and sending information all together all over the world. The press release went out formally beforehand on the site of this company , saying that “November 3 was impatient” after notifying, and recording the Leake article on the inspect privately association in an overseas Internet medium on the afternoon of Japan standard time.

Afterwards, the image animation of the product and the developer’s comment were delivered on animation site “YouTube”, and a large amount of product images were improved to the image of Google common site “picasa”. Moreover, the account of popular SNS”Facebook” was prepared in mini blog “Twitter ([tsuitta-])” of the topic and foreign countries now.

Sony Ericsson did not hold the one that seemed to be the symposium this time, and concentrated on sending from the net. However, there might have been a judgment that it was the most suitable for the appeal for product features of not only jumping at the technique of the vogue but also XPERIA X10.