DoCoMo to Announce New Handset Series
DoCoMo to Announce New Handset Series

DoCoMo to Announce New Handset Series

DoCoMo to Announce New Handset Series

The winter 2010 line-up will debut in Tokyo on Nov. 10th – with a few possible surprises – according to this report via LiveDoor [JPN]

Machine Translation

It was clarified that NTT DoCoMo also announced a new model of the cellular phone of winter and 2010. Apparently, not only a new model but also, the new service seems to be announced.

New model commodity in winter of fiscal year 2009 and new service symposium live delivery for the sales battle and the symposium of the new service Tuesday, November 10, 2009 according to the corporate information page of NTT DoCoMo in the spring of the winter of fiscal year 2009 at 1:00PM.

The explainer is President and Representative Director Yamada it, Kiyoto corporate officer product director Nagata, and a corporate officer of NTT DoCoMo.

Also Noted via Gigazine

What new model is really announced though Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. is reporting that it is scheduled to put a smart phone made of Sony Ericsson that adopts OS”Android” for the cellular phone of a smart phone made of Samsung and Google by which NTT DoCoMo adopted Windows Mobile on the market in August?

It was clarified that NTT DoCoMo was going to put a smart phone made by Sony Android on the market though it was clarified to be developing the efficient, smart phone that was called by the code name of “Rachael” where Sony had adopted OS”Android” for the cellular phone of Google.

Because the cellular phone made by Sony is never being put on the market by NTT DoCoMo after reforming the serial number of past “90X” “70X” series to four series of “SMART” “STYLE” “PRIME” “PRO”, it might be good news in the user who was expecting the terminal made by Sony.

It seems to procure a new model from two companies newly according to the report of Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. though NTT DoCoMo is procuring a smart phone from four companies now.

I hear that newly scheduling procurement procured the model by whom “Android” of Google is adopted from Sony Ericsson for OS besides Sony Ericsson who is the cellular phone manufacturer of Samsung and the Sony group procures the model by whom “Windows Mobile” of Microsoft is adopted from Samsung for OS.

It is assumed that it aims at the expansion of the share and the improvement of earning power strengthening goods in stock because a smart phone is a growth field gotten by five surcharges compared with the previous year though the number of the cellular phone shipment of a Japanese market of fiscal year 2008 is in the contractive tendency as the decrease etc. by 30 percent compared with the previous year.

A smart phone might have the advantage positively introduced for the mobile phone carrier when thinking the possibility that the user uses packet transmission for the upper bound of the fixed amount communication charge to be high because high performance has been achieved as the full browser is installed though is also the side that the load to the manufacturer is large because the cost that hangs to development for the market scale is high.