Mobile Digital TV in Japan Survey
Mobile Digital TV in Japan Survey

Mobile Digital TV in Japan Survey

Mobile Digital TV in Japan Survey

Annual web survey conducted by Goo shows over 70% of Japanese own 1Seg Digital TV enabled handset [JPN]

Machine Translation:

In this “Mobile research with goo”, with the goo research regularly does jointly the real-time enquete that uses the cellular phone, and the result is announced. It questioned on “Mobile image” following the 25th, the 28th, the 31st, the 34th, the 37th, the 40th, the 44th, the 47th, and the 50th this time though “Mobile shopped” was investigated last time.

– To the animation watching experience and the stagnation tendency in the cellular phone
First of all, let’s see availability in mobile animation. It questioned on all respondents , saying that “Is animation seen with the cellular phone?”.

In the answer with “Saw very often”, the total of 4.5%(48 people) and “Often see” 7.9%(84 people) was 10 percent or more as well as 12.4% and last time whole. It is ..slight decrease [shiteiru].. range of error, and you may think that it has stagnated from 47.8% of the last investigation ..45.8% and “Person who sees mobile animation habitual”.. “See occasionally” when as much as 33.4%(354 people) is added by about 45%.

It is 31.5%(262 people) in “One minute-about five minutes” that collected answers most. It continued with “Ten seconds – about 30 seconds” 28.7%(239 people) and “30 seconds-about one minute” 24.3%(202 people) as follows. The answer concentrates on these three lengths, and 84.5% when totaling it.

– The cellular phone ownership rate with the television exceeds 70 percent.
The ownership rate increases continuously at this time though it is a television where ownership rate keeps rising addition cellular phone.

When it was asked whether a cellular phone on hand corresponded to the reception of Television Broadcasting all respondents, the answer with “Correspond” increased by 2.5 points from the last 69.2% and was 71.7%(760 people). This time, the One Seg ownership rate came to exceed 70 percent finally.

Most models are the One Seg correspondence, and as for One Seg, it seems to be difficult to have already looked for the model whom cannot be watched though KDDI announced a new model for the sales battle in advance of the other companies in the winter of autumn.

The investigation matches and executes the man and woman for 1,060 people more than it lives in the Japanese whole country it is in one’s fifties one’s teens-. The sex ratio rate is man 43.0%, and the female 57.0%. The age group distribution is 6.2% more than one’s teens 3.8%, one’s twenties 29.1%, one’s thirties 37.0%, one’s forties 24.0%, and one’s fifties.