DeNA Makes SDK Move in U.S.
DeNA Makes SDK Move in U.S.

DeNA Makes SDK Move in U.S.

DeNA Makes SDK Move in U.S.

DeNA announced 20% investment in Aurora Feint, targeting their SDK platform for the iPhone developers [Jpn]

Machine Translation:

DeNA arrived at the basic agreement of capital business tie-up with the Aurora Feint Inc. on October 5. DeNA schedules the investment of 20% to Aurora Feint at about the end of October, and will examine the additional investment for the growth of this business in the future. DeNA begins providing with service for iPhone in original of cooperation with Aurora Feint and a global market in full scale.

Traffic from mobility increases rapidly in Internet world now. The spread of a smart phone that centers on iPhone has extended rapidly especially in foreign countries. In the iPhone application, it is offered from the service beginning of 65,000 a year, and most of a popular application program is a game sooner or later.

It is “Community SDK. ” (henceforth SDK) that the developer of the game under such an environment is paying attention as a method of attracting customers to its own game. The SDK market will advance rapidly in a short term, and come to be able to enjoy can the addition of the additional value of community function to the game because of the adoption of the game developer of SDK, the invitation of the friend to the gaming community as the function, and the fighting game. Moreover, the cross-sell of the game application is promoted by information on the game player being actively exchanged, and user’s settling is expected.

Aurora Feint is offering “OpenFeint” that is the SDK service for the iPhone game developer. They are doing, 2500 registration developer companies as for “Social gaming platform “OpenFeint” and it grows up rapidly with registered user about three million exceeding number 200 of operation games.

The feature of “OpenFeint” receives the overwhelming agreement from the game developer by cordial etc. of easiness and the support of a superior social community function and the installation, and holds a lot of entering powerful ranking titles in the iPhone application.

Aurora Feint was judged that this business was able to be developed to “OpenFeint” that had a lot of game developers and the community user with a top player in the same field rapidly by uniting the knowhow of the community management and that DeNA had cultivated by “[Mobage-taun]”, and arrived at this basic agreement.

DeNA makes the best use of abundant experiences in a mobile area while contemplating not only the iPhone market but also development with other platforms, and aims at the business scale expansion in the global market.

Also Announced – Open Call for Jpn Developers

Mobile-phone portal site MobageTown, that DeNA manages, the acceptance of the registration application as the partner developer begins on site (URL: for the service entrepreneur and the developer for the game globalization on Monday, October 5. We will inform you of details concerning the early development partner’s selection and opening API to the public on the site as soon as a decision is made in the future.

schedule for the future

The acceptance of the partner developer registration application on October 5 begins.
The sandbox is offered to about 30 early development partner companies the first ten days of November.
The early development partner in December is increased up to about 80 companies, and the sandbox is offered.

Release beginning of game by early development partner since January
The early development partner in February is increased up to about 200 companies, and the sandbox is offered.
The sandbox is offered to the partner developers other than the early development partner in March.

DeNA will accelerate the flow of the globalization of “[Mobage-taun]” in the future, and aim at mobile No.1 social game platform.