DoCoMo F1 Pilot Project
DoCoMo F1 Pilot Project

DoCoMo F1 Pilot Project

DoCoMo F1 Pilot Project

DoCoMo and OKI networks begin a field test of a secret communication system between the pits and driver as part of their Formula One project.

Machine Translation

The voice communication between pits is supported with IP telephony server “SS9100” with the driver of OKI networks and Formula Nippon.

OKI networks began the field test of the secret communication system between pits with the driver by “DOCOMO TEAM DANDELION RACING of Formula Nippon of one in which NTT DoCoMo became the main sponsor this time and IP telephony server “IP CONVERGENCER Server SS9100. Moreover, OKI networks agree to the purport of “F-PROJECT” that DoCoMo promotes, and support the sponsor to “DANDELION”.

DoCoMo is promoting “F-PROJECT” ( ) to apply the result of the experiment to the new item with the improvement of the communication quality of FOMA. In this project, an advanced approach that evolves the telecommunication technology is advanced by installing the communication apparatus material of FOMA in a formula machine of “DANDELION” (hereafter, machine), and conducting a variety of communication experiments in “Severe condition the under” (a super-high speed operation, the rapid acceleration/deceleration, the high temperature, and the vibration that exceeds 300km highest per hour).

The telephone call system by “SS9100” to which the examination is advanced is used for 60 people or less (the supervisor and the engineer mechanic who exists in the pit with the driver) to connect continuously through the headset for PHS, and to talk over the telephone at the same time. The radio wave condition and the telephone speech quality, etc. are verified by setting up “SS9100” and about 20 PHS base stations (for IP) in the pit in the hall in OKI networks at each race, and actually using and talking over the telephone the telephone call system when running about the machine.

14 telephone call groups are prepared in this telephone call system, and seven people or less can talk over the telephone at the same time in each telephone call group. Moreover, these telephone call groups are divided by the purpose like the group etc. that issue instructions from the group and the supervisor whom the supervisor and the driver can talk over the telephone to the crew, and the supervisor and the engineer mechanic can switch a free telephone call group instantaneously by pressing the toque switch of the headset. It is connected on the FOMA network between the machine and the pit, and moreover, the driver participates in the telephone call system through the FOMA network, and is talking over the telephone the supervisor and the engineer mechanic.

In OKI networks, accumulation and the solution of knowhow are developed continuing the field test for the introduction in the future. And, it keeps offering unified communications to a corporate user by “SS9100” based on those knowhows.

Is it six in October as for the telephone call system and the sponsor support by “SS9100”?In “CEATEC JAPAN 2009” (The exhibition booth four halls 4B08) held in Makuhari Messe on the tenth, it introduces it together with the telephone call demonstration when running with the machine exhibition.

The main feature of “SS9100”

It is IP telephony server for the Onaka scale office where it can accommodate 20,000 ports or less. FMC*3 solution with 3G ..PHS../wireless LAN dual terminal etc. and a variegated function such as presence and videoconferencing will be offered and we offer a contributing unified communications to the cost reduction and the workforce optimization of the enterprise of cooperation with “Com@WILL softphone” that has it and CTI/SaaS*4 etc.
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