Mobility Business Summit 2009
Mobility Business Summit 2009

Mobility Business Summit 2009

Mobility Business Summit 2009

How does a mobile industry change? It reads the tea leaves in a cup. Ok – bad translation – more of that to come below.. +_+

Kinda strange that this one didn’t come up on our radar – a shame too because from what we did manage to find online.. not much useful from the painful translation below via Cnet.

Machine Translation

Event “Mobility business summit 2009” in which the key person of a mobile industry gathered was done from September 10 to the 11th in Fukuoka. About 250 people like the mobile carrier and an application provider, etc. met together, and the future of the industry was discussed.

The session was done with commerce in the animation business where attention was attracted the business and now concerning iPhone/smart phone and mobility and mobile advertisings as the theme, etc. following the session during the day on the second day.

Gclue representative director’s the Sasaki positive Mr., APPLIYA representative director’s Mr. chinquapin valley [hareo], Masato Shibata Hudson corporate officer and general manager of the new business headquarters, representative director [pankaku]’s Yasuhiro Yanagisawa, and President and Representative Director [adomobu]’s Mr. John [ra-gerin] ascend the first session of the second day.

“IPhone/smart phone business that did the scale” was assumed to be a theme, and variegated players such as the enterprises and the mobile advertising enterprises that developed the application program in the platform for iPhone, Android, OviStore, and a domestic career developed the discussion by an original aspect.

Shinichi Gros senior machine screw capital partners associate Takamiya who had served as the moderator threw the question “Does iPhone/Smart Phone become the main current of the mobile Internet?”, “Is a main battlefield in the present, smart phone market iPhone?”, and “Can the first SmartPhone venture in Japan capture the world?” on the panelist, and discussed the view of the current state and the market.

It is Masaru Senoo and in the continuing session, maneo President and Representative Director’s it is representative director cooperation CEO Suda, and it is Softbank gift director Daisuke Fujihira of COO et al. ascend the platform. It talked about the other side and the hardship story etc. of the success in the commerce business of each company.

It is an opinion of being take time to the business of C to C by infiltration to the user that it is common with three companies. This problem is very caught what measures you had taken were spoken while exchanging the case though did not know.

In the continuing session, cyber agent director Makoto Umezawa of the additional post of the [sepute-nimobairu] headquarters corporate officer management planning room and [tamoakira] Okamoto and President and Representative Director [aireppu] Shunsuke Kon’no of COO ascends the platform. The approach and the current state of each company that treated the mobile advertising with “Ideal and reality of the mobile advertising” as the theme appealed.

The opinion of the key word and the reason to which each company such as “Positional synchronization”, “Behavioral targeting”, and “Cross media” paid attention was drawn out. Moreover, the consideration difference etc. of mobility to a client that biased of the genre of an illegal problem of affiliate that had become a problem as the affiliate expanded and current client and was local were widely discussed.

In addition, it became a closed-door session about the content. Does animation become a business? Animation strategy of mega-contents enterprise」It peels off and representative executive officer [rekochoku]’s of president of , [binhiroshi] Imano, Masahito Ota in the central Nippon Television Network Corporation organization bureau digital contents digital business promotion division, and wave [yayasuo] at the Fuji Television digital contents bureau digital business center ascend the platform.

A lot of truth talks concerning the view to the hardship story and the future to reaching in the animation business with few success cases to the current state still at last though paid attention went out, and it rose in the hall.

In the last session, ORSO President and Representative Director’s slope true meaning parents, cyber agent amoeba business headquarters service development Div department general manager [sachikore] Takeishi, and geisha Tokyo entertainment representative director CEO [yasushiu] Tanaka ascend the platform.

Seven questions that Imano of Gros machine screw capital partners Principal who served as the moderator foretold the future of mobile contents were thrown on the contents creators who worked on service and the product such as “Fishing [ge-taun]” and “[Pu-pega-ru]” and “[Ame-bapigu]” “Brain figure ARis” paid attention to most now.

They are speakers to questions such as “The one wanting to make it and the selling one are the same”, “Agree with the globalization of the platform”, and “The overseas market is a delicious market” who worry because of the hand as for the plate of *×. “Make it from my Kane when you made the one wanting to make it” (Mr. Tanaka of geisha Tokyo entertainment) etc. A truth talk only of the aspect such as creators and manager and a variegated opinion went out, and the hall boiled.