New iida Handsets PLY and Prismoid
New iida Handsets PLY and Prismoid

New iida Handsets PLY and Prismoid

New iida Handsets PLY and Prismoid

KDDI releases 2 more iida handsets – PLY and Prismoid – in Sept along w/ access. unveils new “Polaris” concept model [J]

Machine Translation:


Novel design composed of “Piled color”. The sense of fun and easiness to use were united. Design by Hideo product designer Kanbara. A different respectively coloring is given to five thin layers, and one shade is made up of the sense of balance of exquisiteness. To the tool that can be used more intuitively.

PLY is a word that means “Accumulate”. Cellular phone and PLY that appeared from novel conception of piling layer. What do you pile up here to what the one and the cellular phone that the design had piled up piled up, and, up to now, what future have you made up?The.. asking became an answer, and one [katachi] appeared.
Coloring with peculiar, soft atmosphere to have considered that it was wind combination naturally in there was warmth.

PLY consolidates all the side keys in one respect. A daily operation can be smoothly done by one one hand with TAB key that thinks of the index of the document folder and the schedule notebook. Moreover, it corresponds to convenient functions such as “Global passport CDMA” and “Book Player”.

Hideo Kanbara(product designer/art director)
Hiroshima Prefecture birth in 1978. Dentsu joining a company after in-house designer is passed. It is involved in the art direction and the spatial design of the concept model such as “INFOBAR 2” in recent years. Moreover, another many win as own concept model “PLY” wins D&AD Yellow Pencil. [Kadokeshi] with especially 28 [kado] is selected in the Humble Masterpieces exhibition of MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, New York), and the invitation exhibition is done, and it is selected to the permanent storing goods back.


Coexisting of Easiness to use in the theme “Futuristic the future” was pursued. Design by Naoto product designer Fukasawa. It is “iida” that combines a minimum function necessary for every day with a becoming it novel design new, want to reach instinctively, basic model. Organic EL arranged on side.

The future that men of old times would have imagined was designed with “Futuristic the future” as the theme. “PRISMOID” is a word that means the truncated pyramid, and shape to overlap two square gimlet stands is done as its name suggests that the chamfering given to all surroundings feels easiness to grasp, new, and nostalgia has been achieved. Moreover, the numerical value of “C4.8” that shows the size of the chamfering is boldly treated on the surface, and the charm in which it doesn’t stay because it is simple is added to “PRISMOID”. Model by whom new proposal of high simple design × function is made.

Organic EL where arriving of the telephone and mail etc. besides the date and the incoming signal strength flow from the right to the left like the video billboard is installed on the side.

Naoto Fukasawa (product designer)
Yamanashi Prefecture birth in 1956. Tama University of Arts product design department graduation in 1980. It becomes independent in 2003, and Naoto Fukasawa Design is established. Many work on the design of the another, of majors brand of Europe such as B&B ITALIA, Magis, Artemide, Danese, Boffi, vitra, ERCO, and Lamy domestic major manufacturer. “MUJI” Wall hanging type CD player, “±0” humidifier, “au/KDDI” INFOBAR, and neon are MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, New York) It becomes the permanent storing goods. The title is given, and winning [**] exceeds 60 as for United States IDEA gold prize, German if prize prize, British D&AD prize, and the design prize etc. of every day.

Concept model – Polaris

The robot will carry. A new relation between man and carrying starts here. New relation among man, cellular phone, and robot. Developed the concept model in the partner as for the flower robotics company.

It is a proposal of a quite new, mobile product also that “Polaris” is a cellular phone, and is the robot with the learning function. The partner of development is a new robot manufacturer, and a flower robotics company that handles the robotic development from realistic relations of the robot technology with the society. It aims at the existence that can become user’s indicator of every day, and Polaris?. Up to now, this model named “Pole Star” has had them reform the robot that has kept evolving even if far apart from the life of man to existence with the reality that enriches every day more.

User’s various information is recorded as a life log by the cellular phone always carried about. The result of the analysis of information recorded to put the cellular phone on the robot of the globe type and study is displayed to the television monitor and the best advice is offered. It shines according to the studied content, the sound is played, and the appearance of Polaris that operates expressive is one like the life.

The flower robotics company is a new robot manufacturer of establishment in 2001 when the robot that becomes an important product of the 21st century is developed. The feature of the robot that the flower robotics company develops voluntarily chooses information by the robot from among the environment, and has the architecture of “Autonomous robot” from which the standard of behavior is made. The artificial material of the information society that essentially coexists with the person by designing the robot and the environment that coils round it is developed. The robot design of this company puts “Person, technology, information, and space” and the environment and the caught thought are put. A lot of exhibitions such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Paris le Louvre decoration museums, and Hannover industrial expositions. A lot of various design prize winning. Polaris designer Matsui and Tadahiko.