Vertu Club Japan Launched
Vertu Club Japan Launched

Vertu Club Japan Launched

Vertu Club Japan Launched

Vertu Club Japan launches today w/membership at $500 month, also opens new shop in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi dept. store [J]

Machine Translation:

It was announced that high-level cellular phone brand “Vertu” began membership program VERTU Club for the VERTU hand set buyer on September 1. This is a telephone call that becomes MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Vertu and is offered and a communication service.

The mail address of mail domain “” domain that becomes a status symbol is obtained besides a domestic call charge and domestic packet transmission considerably can be used for 1200 minutes when becoming a member.

The “VERTU Fortress” service to which the data preserved in the VERTU hand set is backed up with a certain server during the cover trench for strong old military affairs in Britain adheres, too. Besides this, concierge service “VERTU concierge” in which original Vertu can be used for the pictograph and 24 hours and 365 days can be used.

For the VERTU concierge, it widely supports it to the entertainments of the travel, shopping, the sumo wrestling, and the opera, etc.It is said that the situation that can be supported is straightened when there is a user.

“Cannot a private jet from Haneda be prepared because there is a meeting with the customer in Shanghai next week?”, for the wife who likes jewelry on the marriage anniversary want of rent a store for several hours “Choose the favorite one”, It choose”, and “It wants you to arrange the gallery seat of the final stage by all means because it was heard that customer’s foreigner president was a favorite sumo wrestling the other day” It is assumed that it satisfies the demand.

Each service is assumed to be “Luxury communications service designed to answer needs of the well-to-do population that succeeds in the business that is the target” according to Vertu by what Vertu originally developed for a Japanese market.

The membership expense can be chosen according to two types of monthly membership (52,500 yen in the monthly sum) or the annual membership (577,500 yen in the annual sum).

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi shop that became the first department store store in Japan on September 1 was opened to the first floor in the main building of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi headquarters. Via CNET Japan .