Sharp NetWalker Ultra-Mini PC
Sharp NetWalker Ultra-Mini PC

Sharp NetWalker Ultra-Mini PC

Sharp NetWalker Ultra-Mini PC

Sharp announces ultra-mini NetWalker PC on Ubuntu 9 with WSVGA display and Open Office, release targeted late Sept. [J]

Machine Translation:

New generation’s mobile terminal that can be used as electronic dictionary and electronic book in addition to the Internet. The offer of abundant contents such as the language study, dictionaries for the specialized field, and pocket editions and comics is scheduled, and it is possible to use it as an electronic dictionary and an electronic book. The offer of contents schedules download from the SD card or the Internet.

Palmtop that quick is started without waiting time, power supply button starts in one at about three seconds when touching. There is no waiting time, and it is possible to use it at once when hitting on.

To enjoy the world of the net easily qualifying for the name of “NetWalker” anytime and anywhere, a compact design of palmtop was achieved (about 108.7mm in about 161.4mm in width × depth). Because it is possible to store it also in the pocket and the porch in the suit, it is very convenient also for the travel and the business trip that luggage tends to be bulky, etc.

A continuous drive was united to lightening about 409g for about ten hours. It is possible to use it as it carries about readily when going out, and the amount of the battery remainder doesn’t worry.

In the use of five type WSVGA liquid crystal with the touch panel and a full keyboard, it can enjoy the net service like the blog and the chat, etc. more comfortably.

The ultra-high-density liquid crystal of WSVGA of the type (1,024×600 dots) is installed. It is possible to inspect it without a horizontal scroll on the PC site not seen easily in the screen size of the cellular phone either. Moreover, because it is a touch panel addition liquid crystal, a speedy net browsing can enjoy the link area for instance only by touching by the finger.

A full keyboard of about 14mm key pitch is installed. Mail and the report of the long sentence can also input the character comfortably. Because the character can be input at once, updating, serving the blog the chat, and having hit on are very convenient as the communications tool.

The business writing can be made, and be edited because integrated software “” is installed, the document creation, the spread sheet, and the presentation material can be made. For instance, the document and the presentation material made with the personal computer of the company before it makes a business trip can be confirmed in the business trip destination with this machine, and it edit it.

Additionally, the software such as “Adobe Flash Lite that enable the inspection of e-mail software “Thunderbird” that has abundant security functions, WEB browser “Firefox”, animation, and an interactive site is installed.

It stands in “Optical point” and it operates it with touch the pointing device “Optical point” by the finger, and the movement of the mouse pointer and the operation of the scroll of the screen be done. It can have the main body by both hands, and it operate it easily while standing.

Product name


Installation OS

Linux/Ubuntu 9.04(ARM version smart book remix and Sharp custom version)

Liquid crystal display

Wide five type TFT liquid crystal)


Made by Freescale Semiconductor I.MX515 multimedia application processor

Main memory

512MB fixation

Input device

68 keys (about 0.8mm of key pitch 14mm 10 and keystroke) quick start buttons

Pointing device

Optical point (optical pointing device) and touch panel


About 4GB flash memory (about 2GB in user’s area)


Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g)

Card slot

MicroSD memory card/microSDHC memory card (16GB or less)

Joining terminal

Headphone output (3.5mm stereo mini-Jack) USB (USB2.0) and miniUSB (USB2.0 conforming and miniAB connector)

battery drive time

For about ten hours

Externals size/mass

in width x about 108.7mm in depth x 19.7-24.8mm in height – 409g

The main software

Firefox Adobe Flash Lite Thunderbird OpenOffice Sunbird

Via Sharp Press Release – See photos via IT Media – and TV Tokyo video clip from the presser Here.