KDDI Announces New Handset Line-up
KDDI Announces New Handset Line-up

KDDI Announces New Handset Line-up

KDDI Announces New Handset Line-up

KDDI has introduced seven new handsets for it’s fall and winter season. This new lineup has three stand-out models; the Wooo W63H from Hitachi has a first in the world, as of this announcement, 3.1 inch organic EL display with wide VGA liquid crystal, Sharps AQUOS W64SH has a full 3.5 inch LCD, which is said to be offering the best display specifications available to-date and the EXILIM W63CA by Casio is touting an 8.1M camera with face-detection auto-focus. The Panasonic W62P and Kyocera W65K are both waterproof 1Seg digital TV enabled and all devices have Global Passport roaming capabilities along with Felica e-wallets and GPS of course. The Flash Gallery is Here.

Best-effort machine translation

– 1. Wooo cellular phone W63H
The image beauty of “LISMO Video” and “Wanseg” is pursued with 3.1-inch wide VGA organic EL display & new high-resolution engine. Global passport “Wooo cellular phone” for CDMA. The first in the world organic EL display of 3.1-inch wide VGA of (note 1) (note 2) has been installed. A more beautiful image with the high-resolution engine.
The organic EL display of large screen and wide ultra-high-density VGA of 3.1 inches is installed. It is possible to enjoy it ..”LISMO Video” and “Wanseg”.. ..a vivid color.. by color reproduction only of organic EL height. In addition, it can enjoy an image that installs the edge enhancer function to emphasize the outline of the image newly, and is clear for high-resolution engine “Picture Master for Mobile” that makes use of the imaging technique of high-definition television “Wooo” of Hitachi. “Picture Master for Mobile” corresponds to “LISMO Video” in addition to “Wanseg”. It corresponds to “Smooth mode” that can do the attention of the Wanseg image of 15 frames during the second by 30 frames or less besides it can enjoy expanding “Wanseg” “LISMO Video” to the full size of 16:9 on all screens. The Bluetooth(R) head set It can enjoy the sound wireless while seeing the image if (optional) is used.

It has evolved an advanced function ..wrapping… ?utting edge Design Metallic processing of rich feeling of quality was given everywhere including the display surroundings besides the design that was effective in addition of the edge was adopted based on “Cutting edge Design” adopted by “Wooo cellular phone W53H”. A blue taste shines to the sapphire black by the seen angle, and mysterious Majorracarar is adopted. Model for global roaming service “Global passport CDMA” that it makes the first made in Hitachi.

It corresponds to “Global passport CDMA” that can use the usual cellular phone as it is even in foreign countries. Moreover, because it is five million-pixel auto focus camera equipped with the blurring correction function, memories in traveling abroad can be left in a beautiful photograph. The photograph taken by 5M size mail attached transmission of Excel and the Word file edited by (2MB or less) and the PC document viewers is possible.

– 2. EXILIM cellular phone W63CA
The photograph and “LISMO Video” are beautiful equipped with a wide VGA organic EL display of 8.1M camera &3.1 inch. Stylish “EXILIM cellular phone” for global passport CDMA. The maximum in the country (note 6):New of a design stylish equipped with 8.1M camera. The domestic model maximum 8.09 million-pixel camera that becomes (note 6) is installed, it is put on the market in 07, and a slim & stylish body of 17.4mm that thin makes 1.5mm from popular “EXILIM cellular phone W53CA” is achieved.

In addition, image processing engine “EXILIM engine for Mobile” that makes the best use of the technology of digital camera “EXILIM” of Casio has evolved, too. The face focus (face detection AF) The blurring correction mode evolved besides the new feature of an auto resize etc. to which a possible Ren’uts function and taking a picture size even in the function and 8M mode were gradually changed automatically was installed, too and it came to be able to take a beautiful photograph more easily. The VGA animation of 30 frames during the second can also take a picture of animation easily and beautifully corresponding to the blurring correction. The first in the world wide 3.1-inch VGA organic EL display (note 8) has been installed. The photograph and “LISMO Video” are beautiful.

The photograph, “LISMO Video”, and the Wanseg image of which it takes a picture on color reproduction only of organic EL height and the width it is high minute VGA display can be beautifully seen. It sets it the Bluetooth(R) head besides it can enjoy expanding “Wanseg” “LISMO Video” to the full size of 16:9 on all screens It can enjoy the sound wireless while seeing the image if (optional) is used. Model for global roaming service “Global passport CDMA” that it makes the first made by Casio. It corresponds to “Global passport CDMA” that can use the usual cellular phone as it is even in foreign countries. (English-Japanese and Japanese-English) A camera translation function and a mobile dictionary that can translate the English text of which it takes a picture with the camera into Japanese A useful function has been enhanced in the overseas making a passage like “EZ guide map” etc. that correspond to an overseas version destination.

– 3. AQUOS cellular phone W64SH
Equipped with mobile wide 3.5-full inch ASV liquid crystal of VGA NewGlobal passport AQUOS cellular phone of large screen slider style for CDMA. Music function of 3.5-full wide inch VGA liquid crystal and enhancement of great power & ultra-high-density. “Mobile ASV liquid crystal of New” of 3.5-full inch wide VGA that applies the liquid crystal technology that cultivates it with AQUOS is installed. Outdoor projects the image clearly and vividly by adopting “Rifrectobariacort” that suppresses the loss of light in addition to a high color reproduction by “High color rendering backlight” and “Minute reflection liquid crystal” and “Six color color filter”. It enjoys “Smooth mode” that can do the attention of the image by 30 frames or less, and in addition, the emphasis of the color and the outline and the contrasts of 2000:1 or less can be achieved by installing and “SV engine +”, and it enjoy a vivid, high minute image in “Wanseg”. Additionally, “AV menu” to be able to start the AV function with the panoramic screen quickly and “Light TOUCH CRUISER” are adopted besides it can enjoy expanding “Wanseg” “LISMO Video” to the full size of 16:9 on all screens. It is possible to rotate automatically by being able to operate smart while shut, and setting the image and the image display in the direction of the main body.

The stereo speaker is installed on the screen both sides, and it corresponds to Bluetooth(R) and FM transmitter besides it extends and it can enjoy a certain sound. The music function has been enhanced, too. Equipped with 5.2M cameraA convenient in addition function has been enhanced. It corresponds to taking a picture of the photo of 2560×1920 dots or less with the camera of the valid pixel 5.2 million pixels. The camera function has been enhanced as the direction in which it takes a picture of length and breadth besides the wide shot of “Spot AF”, “Blurring correction”, “Subject blur correction” that can select “Face detection AF” that can detect the face up to five people or less and the focus area, and 29mm can be recorded.

Moreover, “Text leader” that can read the character from “Outline font” that beautifully displays the character and printed matter is installed. Existing functions can be used more conveniently as “New veil view” that prevents the peep corresponds to the EZ cellular phone arrangement. Model for global roaming service “Global passport CDMA” that it makes the first made by Sharp Because “Japanese-English translation” that can be pronounced by easily retrieving an English example besides corresponding to “Global passport CDMA” that can use the usual cellular phone as it is even in foreign countries is installed, it is useful also in foreign countries.

AQUOS cellular phone that adopted high-quality design and large screen slider style. The metallic prepare first, as AQUOS cellular phone to which the display is beautifully made to stand out frame wide large screen slider style is adopted. A stylish, slim design of the thinness 16.5mm was achieved.

– 4. W65T
Run&Walk and LISMO comfortable are operated as a speedy controller. “Sports & visual cellular phone” to stick to high-definition images with mobile organic EL × Regza engineSpeedy controller adoption that operates “au Smart Sports” and music service comfortably. In “au Smart Sports”, the motion sensor (acceleration sensor) “Calorie counter” using is installed. The number of steps, the distance, and the consumption calorie can be confirmed by the automatic operation at once only carrying about the cellular phone without starting the Run&Walk application program on the measurement Mauke screen. Moreover, the measurement result of using “Calorie counter” can be managed with the workout data that uses Run&Walk. Moreover, a smooth scroll operation possible, speedy controller was employed while even doing sports. The Bluetooth(R) head set It can enjoy the workout while listening to music wireless if (optional) is used.

Flat slide that installs touch sensor forward, The slide style of trapezoid Sheip to favor an advanced function is adopted. Four keys in front of the slide A flat refreshing design was achieved by assuming (application program, address book, EZ, and E-mail) to be a touch sensor type. It illuminates around a speedy controller, and active atmosphere and the entertainment feeling are produced.

It beautifully enjoys the image equipped with organic EL display and “Mobile Regza engine”. It can enjoy “LISMO Video” and “Wanseg”, etc. equipped with the organic EL display of 2.8-inch wide QVGA by a beautiful image. In addition, brightness was controlled according to contents and the improvement of the attention time by a natural shade and the power saving was achieved by “Mobile Regza engine” that had done the adjustment that specialized in organic EL.

– 5. W65K
It corresponds to Wanseg and FeliCa by a slim & waterproof of the thinness 15.8mm. Waterproof cellular phone of triple face that can be chosen from three different designs. Three design variations that the design is different in each color were prepared. “Clair White” of “Luxe Silver” (Rucsshilbar) from which the texture with which feeling of luxury overflows is given to the surface and simple clean Prantaip (Clair white) and a cute relief will carve and we answer the customer’s various design preferences by “Fleur Pink” (Flulpinc)3 crowded design variations.
Waterproof performance that doesn’t worry about water getting wet in water circumference of daily life in bath and kitchen and can use it.

The IPS liquid crystal that can beautifully do the attention of “Wanseg” has been installed. The IPS liquid crystal with a little color and contrast variation by the viewing angle is installed by the wide viewing angle. The image correction technology that automatically additionally switches the effect of the image quality to the scene like the movie, the drama, and sports, etc. can be installed, too and it enjoy “Wanseg” by a beautiful image.
A convenient function has been enhanced corresponding to “Character soon” function and the one-touch font size switch, etc. , too.

The character was able to be input from the idle screen as it is by pressing ten keys, it was possible to use in cooperation with functions of the note pad and INTERNET SEARCH, etc. , and “Character soon” function was installed. Moreover, it is easy The character input by “Character soon” function is input, and for the size to be able to change by the sending key pressing, and to input the character or more because the one-touch font size switch is installed. It corresponds also to the setting and “Automatic manners” “EZ FeliCa” that can automatically switch the setting of the manner mode at convenient “Countdown timer” that can be used in parallel with other other functions and the set time.

– 6. W64S
“Charming design” to show shine that front panel and texture are different in each colorThinness 14.9mm slim body & global passport Wansegcatai for GSM. It has corresponded to global roaming service “Global passport GSM” connected in 181 countries in the world and regions.

It corresponds to global roaming service “Global passport GSM” that a prior application procedure can be unnecessary, and used as it is even in foreign countries by the usual telephone number. It is possible to use it in 181 countries in the world such as Europe and North America and regions. “PC site viewer” of the voice call, C mail, and E-mail in addition to sending and receiving and EZweb can be used as much as Japan while even making a passage foreign countries. Moreover, it corresponds to overseas version “EZ guide map” in which the position can be confirmed by downloading it beforehand on the map of the traveling abroad destination. In addition, “GlobalAssort” that brings contents and the function that can be conveniently used when foreign countries are made a passage like “POBox Pro 3.0E” etc. for which English can be made correct and easily by Hanashiatsma “TalkMan(R) Flash”, global calculator that collects the conversation of each scene often used when traveling abroad and making a business trip abroad, and English forecast input functions together is installed.

Charming design to show shine different in each color, it was able to enjoy a texture different in each color variation, and the front panel with a beautiful shine was adopted. Moreover, the design that the design of the information icon and the illumination is different in each color variation comes to the surface, and the cellular phone is colored beautifully. The illumination is a business mind as for 30 patterns. Moreover, a slim body of 14.9mm has been achieved while installing the function of enhancement.

The function of enhancement such as 3.2M cameras has been installed in “Wanseg”. The attention of “Wanseg” can be done smart by the built-in antenna adoption. Moreover, the recording function such as recording and the reservation recording to an external memory has been enhanced, too. About 3.2M auto focus camera is installed. Moreover, it is a preset in easiness for 1,000″ Decorashon’emoge”, 100″Decoration picture”, and 100″Template”. mail of transmitting feelings.

– 7. W62P
Cosmetic conscious that enjoys accessories sense that it is right and left and feeling of quality is different. A slim body and the feeling of quality of the thinness 12.9mm have been designed. overflow “Wanseg” “EZ FeliCa” A slim body of about 12.9mm was achieved while installing 2M camera and the enhanced function. It is possible to store it in the breast pocket and the bag refreshingly.

“Conscious cosmetic De Zain” of right and left asymmetry is adopted. The left side emphasizes a slim body, and the right produces lustrous feeling of luxury to adopt the panel where the curved surface shines. The easiness of a ruggedness feeling and a central key to popular “Relief key” to push is improved by “W61P”, and, in addition, easiness to see and easiness to push have improved.It enjoys “Wanseg” comfortably with 2.9-inch antenna with built-in liquid crystal & that sees brightly easily.

2.9-inch liquid crystal is installed. The brightness of about the maximum 400 candela is achieved it can enjoy “Wanseg” though it is a slim design by the liquid crystal that sees brightly easily. Moreover, built-in Wansegantena is installed, and a smart attention style and the refined design have been achieved. Additionally, a convenient function like the color management function etc. to a reservation recording function and an external memory to adjust the image quality for a long time according to recording and the favor has been enhanced, too.