Wireless Japan 2008 at Tokyo Bigsite
Wireless Japan 2008 at Tokyo Bigsite

Wireless Japan 2008 at Tokyo Bigsite

Wireless Japan 2008 at Tokyo Bigsite

The 14th annual Wireless Japan conference and exhibition is set to kick-off at Tokyo Bigsite for 3 full days next week (wOOt!) focused on current and future mobile industry challenges and opportunities. EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN 2008 will cover the fundamental technology that maintains the wireless broadband network and explore recent trends in standardization, hot applications and solutions for wireless network technology. Of course WWJ will be there as we have been in years past.

Wireless Japan 2008

The conference schedule according to the English Webiste:

Nowadays, Wireless network is not only for telecommunication and broadcasting.
Wireless network is now indispensable ubiquitous society such as banking, credit, payment, ITS, home security, provision against disaster, administration service, and sales promotion. Also, the recent information of the technology, service, and solution for the broadband wireless market from the point of “Sales & Marketing” and R&D and Engineering.

At the conference, key representatives from telecommunication carriers as well as major mobile manufacturers from both domestic and overseas markets will be presenting.
EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN 2008 provides a diverse conference program covering various topics including Next Generation Wireless, standardization, Mobile Devices and Mobile Marketing.

A course: Technology of Next Generation Wireless and framework of Device development will be presented by Alvarion, SHARP, NEC, Infenion, Fujitsu, QUALCOMM.

B course: Top of mobile career companies from NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, SoftBank Mobile, Willcom, eMobile, UQ communication will give a speech about business strategy for the mobile communication service.

C course: 4G + for future Network Forum

D course: IEEE802 Wireless Technology Forum

E course: Bluetooth Forum

F course: ZigBee Forum

G course: Solution for Mobile Device development

H course: Solution for Wireless Products development

I / J / K course: Mobile & Wireless network technology / Mobile solution

M course: Digital Broadcasting Telecommunication Forum / Broadcasting Service for Mobile

N course: MVNO Forum

O course: Development of Mobile Market and Role of Selling Agent

P course: Session for enterprise user: Mobile application for Management Innovation

Q course: Session for enterprise user: Mobile solution for enterprise user

R course: Front line for Mobile contents

S course: Front line for Mobile Marketing

T course: Front line for Mobile Contents / Marketing

U course: workshop

WU course: Wireless USB conference

QU course: Enabler of Wireless Market