Tokyo Joins Mobile Phone Recycle Effort
Tokyo Joins Mobile Phone Recycle Effort

Tokyo Joins Mobile Phone Recycle Effort

Tokyo Joins Mobile Phone Recycle Effort

The Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ) and the Telecom Carriers Association (TCA), which jointly operates the Mobile Recycling Network (MRN), have established a partnership with the Tokyo Metropolitan government to promote the recycling of cellular telephones. MRN has asked individual local governments for their cooperation in promoting the collection of cellular phones, but this is the first case where a prefectural government has established a council and asked for participation of the Mobile Recycling Network.

CIAJ considers the Tokyo government’s council as a model case in the promotion of recycling cellular phones, and seeks to maximize its potential as a venue for the assessment of policy effectiveness and consideration of new measures in the hopes of increasing collection volume.

According to the Japanese press release:

History of MRN Activities
Information on recycling provided by store attendants at time of upgrading or termination of use. Use of MRN logo mark on posters, sales promotion pamphlets, manuals and other printed materials. Request local governments to include information about cellular phones in pamphlets about recycling.

Increase collection points
Began to place collection boxes at mass retail appliance stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets, to make dropping off no longer needed cellular phones convenient for consumers.

Provide tools for copying data to new handsets
Provide data transfer and back up tools for a vast majority of models within each carrier’s line-up. Considering allowing such services for models purchased from different carriers.

Cooperation with other entities
Collect and recycle devices kept at lost and found. Prefectural Police currently providing cooperation in Saitama, Nagano, Niigata and Tochigi.

Other activities
Joint activities at events promoting environmental awareness or J-league events. Conduct PR activities to children at events promoting social contribution. Conduct lectures and classes on recycling and environmental conservation at universities, high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools to raise awareness about recycling to the younger generation.

A council composed of representatives of Tokyo’s 23 wards and municipalities, MRN (CIAJ, TCA) and the Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center (JBRC) is seeking ways to promote recycling of cellular phones and other products through policies and PR activities. CIAJ will continue to promote the recycling of cellular phones with TCA through MRN activities.