SoftBank Mobile Unveils Spring Handsets
SoftBank Mobile Unveils Spring Handsets

SoftBank Mobile Unveils Spring Handsets

SoftBank Mobile Unveils Spring Handsets

SoftBank Mobile Unveils Spring Handsets

SoftBank Mobile introduced their latest handset line-up for Spring 2008 at a press conference here in Tokyo on Monday afternoon – video in English – with 15 new models announced. With something for everyone on offer they have followed in DoCoMo’s lead of adopting a wide range of GSM roaming enabled units, 7 in all, along with new designs targeted at everyone from children to seniors including all the standard bells and whistles. Several items worth noting include the – better late than never – introduction of Nokia’s N95 into the Japan market and a collaboration with Tiffany for an exclusive designers model. More details after the jump.

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Best effort machine translation below:

The main feature of each model

Model name The main feature Sale time
(made of Panasonic mobile communications)
VIERA cellular phone &trade that installs wide three-full inch VGA
liquid crystal, and adopted "W opening style &trade" that
opens length and sideways;。About 5.1M pixel auto focus camera can
be installed, and ..high-resolution.. photograph take.
Since the end of February
2 (full face) 921SH

(made by Sharp)
New sense full slider cellular phone that can be operated by touching,
tracing, and shaking it. A wide 3.2-full inch VGA liquid crystal (about
1.3 times compared with the former model) can be installed in a slim
body that thins more than the former model by about 1mm and it enjoy the
function such as Wanseg comfortably.
Since the beginning of March
machine 922SH

(made by Sharp)
It shuts, and it is a telephone, and opens and is 2Way style of a full
keyboard. The Internet and Wanseg are comfortable equipped with wide VGA
liquid crystal of industry full 3.5 inches or less & full keyboard.
Since the end of March
(made by Toshiba)
2.8-inch wide QVGA organic EL display with an excellent color
reproduction is installed. Regzacatai debut equipped with imaging
technique of genuine intention cultivating it by LCD TV "Regza"
(made by Toshiba)
Since the end of March
(made of Panasonic mobile communications)
& slim beautiful flat gradation color * that adopted one of the
world thin class about 8.9mm. The camera for 2.0M auto focus is
installed, and, in addition, the cellular phone also in foreign
countries for the choking world though it is a thin type.
Since the middle of February
(made of electron Samsung)
Organic EL display (AM-OLED*2) in which it boasts of an excellent
color reproduction is installed and Wanseg is possible comfortably
attention. Cellular phone for the world
Since the middle of February
(made of electron Samsung)
Wansegcatai equipped with organic EL display of compact design that
fits woman’s hand. The program that wants to see can be easily selected
by "Program preview" function.
Since the middle of March
PREMIUM TEXTURE 823SH (Zapremiamutecschar)

(made by Sharp)
The texture of a genuine tree, genuine leather, and a real carbon that
studies feeling of quality thoroughly on the surface of the main body is
prepared. nine-kindsIn addition, it united with the world of traditional
harmony "JAPAN TEXTURE".
Since the beginning of March

(made by Toshiba)
Design changing and the second of Codomobail. For "Position Nabis"
that GPS function is installed, and position can be confirmed and "Idocoromal"
Since the beginning of February
phlegm carrying 821T

(made by Toshiba)
Ring phlegm carrying of comprehensible "Shining information
button", easy-to-use, one-touch shortening button, and big
character representation
Since the beginning of March
(made by Toshiba)
Waterproof cellular phone that can be used comfortably even on water
surroundings and pool side in daily life. Basic performance of
enhancement such as 2.4-inch clear screen liquid crystals
Since the end of February

(made by Nokia)
Carltsaisrenz is adopted for 5.0M pixel camera for the first time in
Japan. Multimedia cellular phone of dual slide
Since the end of April
(made of HTC)
Windows(R) cellular phone equipped with ten keys and QWERTY*3 keyboard
in compact body. It corresponds to wireless LAN communication.
Since the end of April

(made by Sharp)
Stock cellular phone equipped with "Stock button" in which
application program only for stock trading starts by one click. A
comfortable stock trading is possible *4 by a large screen of 3.2
Since the end of March
Undecided Collaboration five with Tiffany ..model *(details and undecided)..