CyberAgent Results Rise on CA Mobile
CyberAgent Results Rise on CA Mobile

CyberAgent Results Rise on CA Mobile

CyberAgent Results Rise on CA Mobile

CyberAgent has reported consolidated results for the full year ended September 30, 2007, with net sales rising 26.4% on the previous year to 76,007 million yen, operating income rose 26.7% to 5,501 million yen, and ordinary income also rose 38.2% to 5,143 million yen on the year. These gains were driven by solid growth in site listing (search results) advertising and main portal site advertising sales in the advertising agency business, as well as sharp advances in the mobile business and commission and fee collection businesses such as the finance-related business and online game services.

In addition, the Company posted product valuation losses for netprice, ltd. and made up-front investments to expand blog media. Net income fell to 2,016 million yen, however, from 4,300 million yen in the previous term, attributable to corporate income taxes and the posting of tax expenses, including adjustments of income taxes.

1) Internet Media Business – Advertising

The Company has endeavored to expand its own operations, including the blog media “Ameba Blog” and “MicroAd,” a user-generated advertising distribution service, as well as its subsidiary holdings such as the mobile media business of CA MOBILE, LTD. These efforts paid off with sales of 7,273 million yen, a 25.3% increase from 5,803 million yen in the previous term. The Company posted a loss of 2,684 million yen, compared to a 1,316 million yen loss in the previous term, due to up-front investments to expand services offered by “Ameba Blog.”

2) Internet Media Business – EC (Sales)

In the e-commerce/sales segment of its media business, the Company has been engaged in EC business such as mobile and PC “gathering” (joint purchasing) for netprice, ltd. and “ONE*FESTA” for CA MOBILE, LTD.

As a result of continued efforts to expand supplier routes, sales in the Media Business EC Sales segment rose to 18,957 million yen, up 14.6% from 16,548 million yen. However, an operating loss of 73 million yen was recorded as a result of appraisals at netprice, ltd., compared to a 561 million yen profit in the previous term.

3) Internet Media Business – EC (Commission/Fee collection)

For the commission and fee-based EC segment of this media business, the Company is primarily engaged in collecting fees for mobile sites mainly for CA MOBILE, LTD., online games by GCREST Co., Ltd., and the brokerage business in foreign exchange on guarantee trading through CyberAgent FX. Sales for the Media Business EC Commission and Fee Collection segment rose to 5,665 million yen, up 23.7% from 4,579 million yen in the previous term, due to a steady increase in the number of memberships accompanying market expansion. The Company recorded operating income of 988 million yen, a decrease of 14.2% from a 1,152 million yen profit in the previous term.

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