Survey: Handset Upgrade Features
Survey: Handset Upgrade Features

Survey: Handset Upgrade Features

Survey: Handset Upgrade Features

Nepro Japan recently conducted this survey focused on Japanese cell phone users new handset upgrade feature priorities. The questionnaire returned 3,817 valid responses and indicated demographics show 56% of the sample was female, 3% in their teens, 35% in their twenties, 43% in their thirties, and 19% aged forty or older. Some interesting rather results after the jump.

Research Results via What Japan Thinks:

Q1: Since the new summer 2007 models have been announced, have you thought of upgrading your phone?

Yes, already upgraded 8%
Yes, have definite upgrade plan 8%
Yes, currently looking at what’s available 30%
No plans to upgrade 54%

Q2: When do you most feel the need to upgrade your mobile phone?

When my current phone gets old 50%
When I’ve saved up a lot of points 12%
When new models come out 11%
When there’s discounts, price cuts 8%
When I get a bonus, have spare cash 3%
When new payment plans are introduced 1%
On my birthday, other anniversary 1%
Other 7%
No particular reason 7%

Q3: About how much on average do you spend when upgrading your mobile phone?

Less than 5,000 yen 21%
5,000 to 9,999 yen 27%
10,000 to 14,999 yen 22%
15,000 to 19,999 yen 14%
20,000 to 24,999 yen 6%
25,000 to 29,999 yen 5%
30,000 to 34,999 yen 2%
35,000 to 39,999 yen 1%
40,000 yen or more 1%
Never upgraded my phone 1%

Q4: From the following list of features, select the ones you’d like to use, regardless of whether or not your current carrier supports the feature.

Utahodai, unlimited music download 38%
Windows Mobile 35%
Motion sensing games 32%
Mega-games (1 megabyte-class games) 23%
Full browser 23%
Digital radio 20%
Two in one (two numbers, mail addresses) 15%
Other 12%
None in particular 25%

Q5: Excluding basic functionality such as voice and email, which of the following mobile phone features on your current phone are you satisifed with.

Camera functions 45%
Music features 35%
Size, weight 35%
Web browsing 27%
Ease of use 25%
One seg digital terrestrial television 17%
Capacity 16%
Connection speed 16%
Other 6%
Nothing in particular 20%