Encouraging MediaFLO Survey Results
Encouraging MediaFLO Survey Results

Encouraging MediaFLO Survey Results

Encouraging MediaFLO Survey Results

the first results from an extensive consumer survey of attitudes towards mobile TV. The survey, which was conducted by Accenture Japan and included more than 3,000 Japanese consumers, showed that subscribers are far more likely to take up mobile broadcast services when they experience it firsthand. Survey results after the jump.

[We noted in a recent WWJ newsletter that new digital tv spectrum allocation from the ministry is under review and the various lobby groups are in full motion to state their case — Eds]

From the companies press release:

The survey yielded notable results in three key categories:

User Intention

* The survey clearly showed that mobile broadcast is an experience-driven service in that people’s intention to use the service increased the more they understood the service

* 41 percent of survey respondents said that they intended to use mobile broadcast services

* 83 percent of focus group testers — users who were given the opportunity to try out the service — responded that they intended to use the service

* This result was significantly higher than positive online survey respondents (52 percent)

Service Requirements

* Approximately 40 percent of respondents wanted to use the service “while traveling to school or work”

* Broken down by genre, the most desirable content was “News” and “Movies/Drama/Anime”

* Respondents expressed interest in each of MediaFLO’s four service features: video streaming, audio streaming, Clipcasting(TM) and IP datacasting

* 92 percent of handset users responded positively to the picture quality and clarity of movement, while some 87 percent were positive about the usability of the electronic program guide

* 45 percent of respondents indicated that they wanted 31 channels or more, and thus the service caters to this demand for multichannel broadcasting

Potential Market Size

* The potential Japanese market size for paid multichannel broadcasting to mobile phones within five years of service launch is estimated to be as large as 450 billion yen ($3.8 billion) with about 40 million users

* The potential economic benefit to the market of a mobile broadcast service launch is estimated to be some 1.9 trillion yen ($16 billion)