OKI to Exhibit at ITU Telecom World
OKI to Exhibit at ITU Telecom World

OKI to Exhibit at ITU Telecom World

OKI to Exhibit at ITU Telecom World

Oki Electric announced its participation at the upcoming ITU Telecom World 2006, which will be held in Hong Kong from December 4th to 8th. OKI will exhibit its products based on its position of having launched the first VoIP system in Japan in 1996, and its strong track record with its carrier-grade softswitch, which has been used for 5 million subscribers, the world’s largest scale. At the session for “Towards a safer digital society,” CEO Shinozuka will be making a keynote speech under the theme, “Ubiquitous Security – Towards Realization of a Safe and Secure Digital World.”

Summary of OKI at TELECOM 2006

Date : December 4th to 8th, 2006

OKI’s booth : No.8001-002 in Japan Pavilion in Halls 6&8 at the Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

OKI speaking session :

Date/Time : December 7, 2006 11:30-13:00 at Forum Room 1

Theme : “Towards a safer digital society”

Speaker : Katsumasa Shinozuka, President and CEO of Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd

OKI’s URL for TELECOM2006 : http://www.oki.com/event/tele2006/

Network Infrastructure

Various products and solutions that support the full-IP integrated NGN will be displayed. Products include IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) server, WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) products, optical access equipment, CDMA-on-Fiber (Code Division Multiplexing-on-Fiber) which is OKI’s new optical communication method for NGN, service delivery platform, operation monitoring server, and optical components widely used in the NGN market.

Home & Personal

Products for better lifestyle with home networks will be displayed. These products include ZigBee based home network solutions such as home gateways, H.264 codec to enable high-definition video with low-bit rate, and set-top-box(STB) that is compliant with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) to achieve content sharing. OKI is aware that China is expected to shift to full digital TV in 2015, in which case increasing demand for digital TV will accelerate. OKI will showcase its hybrid STB that converges cable TV with IP networks. It will also display its three-axis acceleration sensor module to detect the movement of mobile terminals.


Technologies and products for mobile security in leading-edge office environment and sales activities will be displayed. In the telephony area, OKI proposes an office environment for quadruple play to converge voice, video, data, and wireless over IP networks, and introduces the latest key telephone system for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) and IP-PBX. In regard to quadruple play service, OKI will provide various technologies for mobile terminals, and first time outside Japan, will demonstrate its iris recognition technology-based mobile terminals, and will introduce its face sensing engine middleware and engines for high-quality voice and high-definition video.

Public Sector

Various solutions to support a better life in the public area will be displayed. For ITS (Intelligent Transport System), OKI will introduce solutions to support safety, piece of mind and comfort in vehicles, which include vehicle-to-vehicle communication, vehicle-to-road communication, CMOS technology-based RFICs, reed switches, in which OKI holds the top market share in the world. In addition, for retail stores, OKI provides contact centers using digital pens, compact ATMs (automated teller machine) equipped with communication functions for use with mobile phones, and a secure print system with IC card authentication. Continue>>