JR Boosts m-Commerce and Survey Results
JR Boosts m-Commerce and Survey Results

JR Boosts m-Commerce and Survey Results

JR Boosts m-Commerce and Survey Results

JR has announced they will drop the previous requirement to have the company’s “View” credit card in order to take advantage of their Mobile Suica service as of 21 October. They have also indicated that by sometime in December this year, SoftBank Mobile customers with FeliCa-enabled handsets (no model types announced) will also finally be able to use JR’s m-commerce system.

Internet com Ltd. and the JR Tokai express research did “Investigation concerning the wallet cellular phone”, and searched for the use trend of a present wallet cellular phone.

Investigation subjects were 330 men (64.2%) and women (35.8%) aged from twenties (13.9%), thirties (37.6%), forties (28.8%), fifties (13.0%), and sixties (6.7%). Regional is 0.3% in Hokkaido, 0.3% in Tohoku, 34.5% in Kanto, 0.9% in Koshinetsu, 25.2% in Tokai, 0.3% in Hokuriku, 36.4% in Kinki, 1.8% in China, 0.3% in Shikoku, and 0.0% in Kyushu Okinawa.

It questioned those who answered about 31.8%(105 people) , saying that “Is the function of the wallet cellular phone used?”.

For those “Often used it” who answered, it was 22.9%(24 people), and “Occasionally use it” was 14.3%(15 people). “Used it” It is 10.5%(11 people) and the wallet cellular phone owner of 40 percent or more is the results that there is a use experience of the wallet cellular phone function when totaling it. Judging from those who answer all, it becomes about 15%.

Moreover, it was “For what did you use it?” and when having questioned, it was 82.0% per these 50 use experienced person (41 people) in “Settlement in the convenience store” that collected answers most. It is 40% of “Settlement by shopping” (20 people).

“Mobility Suica” that the registration of the VIEW card is necessary now, and the threshold is high is 20.0%(ten people). There was a use experience of mobile Suica in 1/5 of the wallet cellular phone use experienced person. The number of users of mobile Suica will increase surely because of the appearance such as “Mobility Suica of EASY” in the future.

As for the wallet cellular phone, the credit function such as not only the settlement in the prepaid type like Edy but also “iD” of NTT DoCoMo, “QUICPay” of JCB, and Smartplus of UFJ Nicos (smart plus) has been enhanced. Which will extent be these acknowledgment levels?

It was “Does it know the credit function of the wallet cellular phone (DCMX, QUICPay, and Visa Touch, etc.)?” and when having questioned, the answer with “Use it” was 4.8%(16 people) against all of those who answered.

“Heard it” is 9.7%(32 people) it, is 32.7%(108 people) it, 34.5%(114 people) in “Know roughly” in “Know well”, and will have the thing that those who answered about 80 percent or more heard that he or she includes the user of for the credit function of the wallet cellular phone.

Via: Japan.internet.com