NEC Joins KDDI's Corporate WLAN Offering
NEC Joins KDDI's Corporate WLAN Offering

NEC Joins KDDI's Corporate WLAN Offering

NEC Joins KDDI's Corporate WLAN Offering

KDDI has issued a follow-up to their spring announcement regarding the dual-mode CDMA 1x and corporate WLAN network service offering. The corporate mobile business solution service, or so-called “Office Freedom” campaign, will now also use NEC’s Univerge SV7000 for SIP access point hardware, with the E02SA BREW handset from Sanyo. DoCoMo have also been working in this area over the last few years to provide major corporate clients, such as Toyota and JAL, the in-house VoIP ability using NEC’s 900iL handset.


Machine Translation Below:

It agreed to cooperate for a corporate mobile solution that used au cellular phone “E02SA” for wireless LAN of KDDI so that NEC (The headquarters: the Tokyo Minato Ward and representative director corporate officer president: Kaoru Yano) and KDDI (The headquarters: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo and the President and Representative Director and chairman: Onoderasei) may achieve the work style revolution of the office this time. NEC begins to release this solution along with this in December this year.

To achieve the intellectual productivity improvement for the office in the business process with the reduction in the communication expense and the maintenance operation expense related to a corporate network in the enterprise, the introduction examination of a broadband & mobile office becomes active. Especially, the environment that can be communicated in the seamless with the same terminal for a public net (cellular phone net) and the premises net (corporate LAN) is focussed on the corporate business market.

KDDI can use “E02SA” that even the corporation has released as a cellular phone for wireless LAN of first au since July this year in-house as au cellular phone when going out as VoIP internal line for wireless LAN, and the construction of an efficient corporate network with one terminal becomes possible. Moreover, the application matched to needs of the enterprise can be freely developed because a flexible customizing the application becomes possible with application platform “BREW(R)” for the cellular phone that KDDI adopts, and it contributes to not only the telephone call but also workforce optimization by the application cooperation by “E02SA”1.

NEC sold telephony server “UNIVERGE SV7000” for SIP and wireless LAN access point for VoIP “UNIVERGE WL series” as the center commodity of the UNIVERGE solution that achieved a broadband & mobile office and came. Moreover, a lot of operation results are possessed in wireless LAN system in the enterprise using “UNIVERGE SV7000” and “UNIVERGE WL series”, and the construction knowhows of the Okyoc design and the security design, etc. when the audio terminal is introduced are accumulated.
This time, the offer of new communications means to use wireless LAN in the enterprise that needs deep knowhow come to being able to meet variegated needs of each enterprise flexibly by adding to the terminal lineup that can connect “E02SA” with “UNIVERGE SV7000” and “UNIVERGE WL series” by NEC becomes possible.

In the two companies, a broadband & mobile solution that uses the au cellular phone for wireless LAN that contributes to the IT business maneuver of the enterprise in the future is jointly developed. Moreover, it examines it for the additional value service creation that presses the revolution of the work style for the competitive edge strengthening and the operational efficiency improvement of the enterprise.

– Example of OFFICE FREEDOM system configuration
Figure: Example of OFFICE FREEDOM system configuration