Vodafone K.K. Announces Reco Mail Service
Vodafone K.K. Announces Reco Mail Service

Vodafone K.K. Announces Reco Mail Service

Vodafone K.K. Announces Reco Mail Service

Vodafone K.K. just announced the roll-out, available from today, of a new service called ‘RECO MAIL’ which enables customers to send their favorite mobile content such as music, video and games via MMS and other methods to friends and acquaintances as recommendations. At the time of launch, 17 content sites with an estimated 33,780 files, on Vodafone live! support this new so-called “Super Distribution” copyright protection method communication service.

RECO MAIL is compatible with a copyright protection method that uses encrypted content files and Content Keys, which decode encrypted content files. Using this system called Super Distribution, customers can playback or display encrypted files, regardless of how they are received, by obtaining Content Keys.

There are two main methods of obtaining RECO MAIL content files. The first method is to download Chaku-Uta, Chaku-Video, wallpaper/Flash from Vodafone live!, via Menu List > Mail Content > RECO MAIL*1. The other method is to look up seven digit RECO MAIL numbers listed in Vodafone K.K. catalogs, posters, and the company website, and send a corresponding number to a dedicated mail address (mail@fw.vodafone.jp), which then sends an automated reply with the desired content file (Chaku-Uta, Chaku-Video, wallpaper/Flash). With either method, customers save encrypted files to handset memory and need to obtain content keys*2.

By simply attaching encrypted content files to an MMS, files obtained using the above methods can be sent to friends and acquaintances as recommended content. RECO MAIL content can also be transmitted by other methods, including Bluetooth, infrared and memory cards.

Recommended content recipients can playback or display encrypted files by obtaining Content Keys*2. Naturally, recipients can also recommend the files they receive to other people. RECO MAIL is available to customers with Vodafone K.K. 3G handsets*3. Mails sent from Vodafone K.K. phone numbers are free to receive so RECO MAIL recipients pay no communication charges*4.

For more information on RECO MAIL, please see the .PDF Here.

*1: Content is available in Japanese only.

*2: In addition to communication charges, separate information charges apply when obtaining Content Keys. Some content is available free of information charges.

*3: Some content may not be available for certain handsets.

*4: Applicable to mails using Vodafone K.K. phone numbers.