Vodafone Releases Two New Handsets
Vodafone Releases Two New Handsets

Vodafone Releases Two New Handsets

Vodafone Releases Two New Handsets

Vodafone K.K. has announced that on 22 April 2006 it will commence sales of the Vodafone 804N, a new 3G handset by NEC, in the Kanto-Koshin region. The 804N model [ .jpg image ] will be rolled out in other regions when preparations are in place. The handset touts approximately 450MB of handset memory capable of saving approximately 100 songs. Also available starting this weekend, the V604T [ .jpg image ], manufactured by Toshiba, is a new PDC (2G) handset that features a terrestrial analogue TV tuner and a separate, dedicated FM radio tuner.

Main features of the 804N [.PDF]

Light and compact with approx. 450MB of handset memory for saving approx. 100 songs*1
The Vodafone 804N has approximately 450MB of memory in its light, 115g body, making it
possible for customers to store approximately 100 songs*1, including Chaku-Uta Full?
downloads and CD tracks transferred from PCs*2, to handset memory alone. The handset is
also compatible with microSD? cards (sold separately) in sizes up to 512MB so customers
can store even more of their favorite music.

*1: Calculated on basis of 4MB per song. Maximum storage capacity is 1,000 songs.
*2: Bundled music transfer tool is required for writing music data to handset memory and memory cards (sold separately).

Compatible with Windows? 2000 Professional/XP.
Music mobile with approx. 13 hours*1 of continuous playback and easy operations
The Vodafone 804N features Music Assist Buttons underneath its external sub-display so
customers can listen to music while the handset is closed. The handset can also play music in
the background while customers check their messages and schedules. High-quality acoustics
can also be enjoyed by using the Vodafone 804N?s equalizer settings to suit different music
genres. In addition, the handset comes with ?Vodafone N-Series Music Transfer Tools? utility
software*2 so customers can easily transfer music files from PCs to their handsets.

*1: Referential figure based on usage under following conditions (according to NEC): battery has been fully charged, handset can receive signals normally, bundled stereo earphone mic is used to listen to music while handset is folded, Chaku-Uta Full? tracks are listened to at volume level 4.
*2: Compatible with Windows? 2000 Professional/XP.

Supports new 3G services like Vodafone live! CAST and Deru Moji 3D Pictogram Display
In addition to supporting standard Vodafone K.K. 3G services like international roaming, video
calls, and Vodafone live! BB, the Vodafone 804N also supports the latest 3G services like
Vodafone live! CAST and Deru Moji 3D Pictogram Display to offer a complete 3G experience.

Main features of the 604T [.PDF]

The V604T’s “TV View Style” design enables customers to automatically activate the TV tuner by rotating the main display back 360 degrees while holding down a central side button. The V604T also comes with a TV Rod Antenna that can be positioned to any angle so customers can get the best possible TV picture. For FM radio listening in stereo, the V604T is equipped with a separate, dedicated FM radio tuner. In addition to memory settings for FM stations in all of Japan?s 47 prefectures, the V604T supports digital tuning so customers can tune channels to the nearest 0.1MHz. The handset also comes with full-fledged features for music enjoyment, including a music player for listening to music tracks transferred from PCs to memory cards.