Continuation of Customer First Approach
Continuation of Customer First Approach

Continuation of Customer First Approach

Continuation of Customer First Approach

SOFTBANK CORP. and Vodafone K.K. today announce they have made decisions regarding current services based on customer feedback, following the announcement that Vodafone K.K. will enter the SoftBank Group, after completion of the ongoing tender offer bid launched by the SoftBank Group. Customer centers and Vodafone shops received a high number of customer inquiries after this announcement.

The decisions are as follows.. 

1. Continued use of mail addresses
Existing customers will be able to continue to use the e-mail address domain name (portion that comes after the ?@? symbol) currently used in Vodafone live! mail services for sending and receiving mails after a brand change.

2. Continuation of existing services
Current flat-rate services like Love Flat-rate and Family Call Flat-rate, and basic monthly charge discount services like Happy Bonus, will continue to be offered. In addition, nationwide sales channels and after-service facilities, including the current 1,858 Vodafone shops (as of the end of March 2006), and customer centers will be strengthened and expanded for an enhanced customer experience.

3. Company name and brand change
A new, easy-to-understand and familiar company name and brand will be announced when preparations are in place.

4. Active network, mobile handset and service expansion
By stepping up of the pace of capital investment, focus will be made on network expansion, covering areas that are difficult to connect in, and improving in-building coverage. A mobile handset lineup, content and other services will also be offered to exceed customer expectations.

5. Synergies with the SoftBank Group
The pace of the ?Digital Information Revolution? will be accelerated through close collaboration with SoftBank Group companies, including SOFTBANK BB Corp., JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD., and Yahoo Japan Corporation.

As a new member of the SoftBank Group, Vodafone K.K. will endeavor to develop and provide revolutionary products and services suited to the Japanese market,market, in order to offer value-added communication that pleases an even greater number of customers.