DNS as Mobile Phone Number
DNS as Mobile Phone Number

DNS as Mobile Phone Number

DNS as Mobile Phone Number

Just as every human being has a name, every computer is identified by a unique IP address. While humans are intelligent enough to distinguish two people with the same name, computers aren’t so clever. Computer IP addresses have to be unique. Luckily, domain names make it easier to remember popular Web addresses; after all, Internet searches would be very difficult if you had to remember unique IP numbers, which can run between 4 and 12 digits long. But even though domain names are widely used on the Internet, they are still an unexplored topic on mobile phones. In this article, I propose implementing DNS on mobile phones to simplify calls and service transfers. 

Advantages of DNS for mobile phones

So what makes a domain name better than an actual cell number? Here are five
things that do:

  1. All mobile numbers are 10 or more digits, which makes them difficult to
    remember. With an alphabetic or alphanumeric domain name, remembering a mobile
    ID will be easier.
  2. Rather than replacing the existing system, it is just added to it. With
    such a solution, a mobile can have more than one number; for example, one
    numeric and one or more alphanumeric IDs.
  3. A user can make his alphanumeric mobile number the same as his personal
    e-mail ID, appended by some service provider tag. Alternatively, if a company
    gives a mobile phone to its employee, it can make the alphanumeric number
    equal to the company e-mail ID.
  4. When a user changes city or state, the number changes. However, with
    alphanumeric numbers, you need minimal changes when you move.
  5. If a you change a service provider, you may not need to change your
    alphanumeric name as long as no one else uses the same alphanumeric name in
    the new service provider. Only the service provider tag might


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