Mobile Cohesion and ubit Co-operate to Develop Mobile Content for Communities
Mobile Cohesion and ubit Co-operate to Develop Mobile Content for Communities

Mobile Cohesion and ubit Co-operate to Develop Mobile Content for Communities

Mobile Cohesion and ubit Co-operate to Develop Mobile Content for Communities

Mobile Cohesion, the company that has pioneered the concept of partner, profit and performance focused relationship management solutions for the mobile industry, has announced a collaboration venture with leading content management company ubit from Japan.  ubit has been focusing on the mobile internet since 1999 and its MS2 system is now serving more than 300 mobile sites worldwide, including Orange Group and Nikkei Business Press. 

ubit CEO Aki Onuma stresses the importance of collaboration for MVNOs to beat the competition: ?From the early success of mobile services in Japan we learned that small companies with an edge can beat the giants, particularly when focusing on core competence and a clear value proposition. ubit?s Web-based Site Builder ASP tool enables creative designers with no knowledge of handset technology to build mobile sites for communities in a matter of hours. This could spur profitable niche markets for MVNOs that can address large communities, such as sports clubs?.

He continued, ?We started working with Mobile Cohesion because we recognised that the company had developed a compelling relationship and service management solution that would meet the immediate and future needs for addressing the growing community market.?

According to Per Lindblad, CEO of Mobile Cohesion, ?we are delighted to be working with ubit because the company appreciates that doing business in the mobile market is increasingly about relationships with content, service vendors, and communities and is investing in innovative technology to expand this area of its business.?

?ubit has a proven understanding of how content can be married with 3G technologies to create compelling services for communities of mobile subscribers. Japanese operators have been leading the world in this type of technology. But ubit also appreciates that operators need to develop relationships that can be managed ? and that?s where Mobile Cohesion comes in. ubit is a content delivery specialist for the mobile age. We help operators and MVNOs manage the end-to-end relationships with content providers. So together we provide a powerful solution for MVNOs with ambitions to grow growth from a differentiated data services strategy.?

About Mobile Cohesion

Mobile Cohesion has set the standard for partner relationship management solutions for the mobile industry. We help operators build more effective partnerships with content and application providers, thereby improving profit and business performance. We enable them to partner, profit and perform ? the 3 Ps of relationship management. We like to call it 3PRM?.

Mobile Cohesion?s HYDRA is a 3PRM? system that allows operators, MVNOs and Aggregators to achieve optimized partner relationships ? defined by their own particular needs. It allows application developers and service providers to develop, deploy and execute convergent services, easing the delivery of relationship enhancing content and applications to mobile subscribers. HYDRA acts as a bridge between the mobile operator?s network and the service provider world. It defines and tracks business relationships in real time – resulting in massively improved profitability and performance through partner relationships.

With headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland and offices in the USA and Singapore, the Mobile Cohesion team has considerable industry experience in the mobile software and services arena. Mobile Cohesion?s capability is further enhanced by an experienced team of senior people from mobile success stories including Aldiscon, APiON, Ericsson, LogicaCMG, Nokia and Openwave. Investors include Accel Partners and Cross Atlantic Capital Partners.

About ubit

ubit is a global leader in mobile content delivery systems. With offices in Japan (HQ) and Europe, ubit has been focusing on the mobile internet since 1999. Its MS2 system is now serving more than 300 mobile sites worldwide. Ubit, with its fully bilingual staff, brings the Japanese 3G experience to the world.

MS2 is a modular system designed to assist content providers and carriers in managing their mobile presence from end to end. It includes a wide range of features such as on-the-fly content adaptation, personalization and global carrier connectivity, making it the perfect tool for content delivery, mobile campaigns and mobile communities.

There are no short-cuts when successfully bringing brands and new services to the mobile. Through years of experience in working with carriers and content providers in both Europe and Japan, ubit offers you experienced project members dedicated to your business. Your success is our success.

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