Yozan, Livedoor Announce Wi-LAN Deal
Yozan, Livedoor Announce Wi-LAN Deal

Yozan, Livedoor Announce Wi-LAN Deal

Yozan, Livedoor Announce Wi-LAN Deal

Yozan and livedoor announced yesterday that they have signed a basic agreement on the provision of livedoor Wireless, a wireless LAN servicve. Under the terms of the agreement, Yozan will deploy and provide maintenance support for a wireless network. Although the partners have yet to decide on the number of base stations and where to install them, Yozan will initially set up 4,000 base stations and gradually deploy them at more locations. The partners have also yet to decide a service launch date. 

– Outline
President and Representative Director and ..(of Livedoor Ltd… CEO Horie your sentence Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo Bond code 4753) is President and Representative Director and ..YOZAN Ltd. (.. CEO today. Takatori Nao I will inform that the master agreement of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo) and wireless LAN connection service “livedoor Wireless” was concluded.

– Details
Our company uses wireless LAN network infrastructure that YOZAN constructs partially of the access point of service “livedoor Wireless” of public wireless LAN of Livedoor.

This wireless LAN network is a special infrastructure for “livedoor Wireless”, and the system configuration and the equipment used conform to the specification of “livedoor Wireless”. YOZAN comes to take charge of the business from the installation construction on the corresponding wireless LAN network to the maintenance support. Moreover, corresponding wireless LAN network and equipment become the ownerships of YOZAN.

First of all, YOZAN schedules the network to set up the access point in the utility pole in about 4000 places in which it centers on Tokyo, and to be used for our company to develop “livedoor Wireless” service as the first stage. The two companies plan to expand the installation area in the access point one by one centering on Kanto afterwards. The expansion scale in the day of beginning of a concrete position and the construction of about 4000 places and the future is assumed to be a conference in the two companies separately.

Livedoor is continuing the installation construction of the access point in 2200 places centering on the Yamanote Line range now. The free examination service of livedoor Wireless is performed at the same time on August 1, 2005, and installation features of the access point and the request concerning the form of use is accepted from the customer. It makes an effort even a little by using wireless LAN network that YOZAN newly constructs in addition to answer and the access point constructing it now in 2200 places to expect and to demand from a lot of customers aiming at the achievement of public wireless LAN connection service that covers the wide range.

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Yozan Press Release: [.pdf in Japanese]

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