Successful WLAN to 3G Trials
Successful WLAN to 3G Trials

Successful WLAN to 3G Trials

Successful WLAN to 3G Trials

Ericsson and the Softbank Group said they have succeeded in a trial experiment for seamless handover of circuit-switched voice data using an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) on a 3G mobile network and wireless local area network (WLAN). This live demonstration was executed on a mobile WCDMA 3G network operated in the 1.7-GHz radio band.

Via: Ericsson Press Release (Original in Japanese; WWJ best-effort translation below.)

It is the one to prove the seamless use without interrupting the IMS service though the end user does between the mobility network and the WLAN area of WCDMA in roams in this demonstration. The end user uses the WCDMA network by this function with one portable terminal in outdoor and it comes to be able to use service without considering the WLAN network in the WLAN area where the room or public wireless LAN service, etc. are being provided.

Mobile BB and Hiroshi system business department general manager Ishihara are describing, “The Softbank group is an innovator of the telecom industry, and a pioneer”. ?It has advanced one step further by the success in this experiment aiming at the achievement of the ubiquitous society at which this group that achieves uniting with a new chance of broadband service and the mobile communication including wireless LAN service that the Softbank group provides aims. This offers a state-of-the-art mobility to the end user. ?

BB mobility and Ericsson took the lead in the Combinashonal service standard that was the combination of the voice and the packet provided for by 3GPP and shifted it to the next stage by the success in the proof experiment of a seamless handover to serve IMS. It is examined to include the handover function of the Combinashonal service between the WCDMA network and the WLAN network in 3GPP release 8.

The vice president and the Michael Beck of Ericsson who is the person in charge of the WCDMA wireless network business section are described as follows. ?Ericsson is very proud of proof in advance of this handover function ..mobility and both ..BB.. worlds… High communication service of convenience or more is provided for the end user by using this technology and it is convinced to fixation and the mobile communication entrepreneur that the chance of new earnings is invented. ?

Mobile BB of the Softbank group offered Wi-Fi expertise through wireless LAN network of “Yahoo BB ADSL” by this experiment, and Ericsson offered 1.7GHz WCDMA wireless net, circuit switching, the packet switching core net, and the IMS net. The actual experiment was done in Saitama Prefecture Saitama City where the examination bureau of mobile BB on July 22.

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