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The end of an era! From the TheFeature’s final posting: When was launched in the fall of 2000, it was a pretty revolutionary idea — a corporation like Nokia setting up an independent, non-branded site with the task of getting people thinking and talking about the future of mobile communications… With the dramatic changes in the Internet publishing landscape since then, and the rise of blogs in particular, TheFeature’s role as a leader in the community perhaps isn’t as necessary as it once was, with many quality sites discussing relevant topics and providing outlets for the vibrant community that’s sprouted up around the mobile industry. 

So in that sense, we can say “mission accomplished.” It’s with a heavy heart, then, that we must reveal this will be the last post on When the site launched, 3G was still a far-off, almost-pipe-dream concept, and GPRS was barely a reality. We helped begin a conversation around these ideas; we now leave that conversation to carry on in the community that supported us.

TheFeature has always, at its heart, been a community — so we extend an enormous thanks to those who participated in it, either by commenting or interacting, just reading or linking to us and carrying on the discussion of ideas presented here in their own space. We couldn’t have accomplished everything without you. We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to all our contributors, particularly those that have worked with us over the last two years. We’ve been very fortunate to assemble a staff of some of the best thinkers and writers, who in turn have worked tirelessly to come up with great stories to share.

All our best to TheFeature crew on their new projects!

— WWJ Editors