Vodafone K.K. Applies for 1.7GHz W-CDMA 3G Field Test License
Vodafone K.K. Applies for 1.7GHz W-CDMA 3G Field Test License

Vodafone K.K. Applies for 1.7GHz W-CDMA 3G Field Test License

Vodafone K.K. Applies for 1.7GHz W-CDMA 3G Field Test License

Vodafone K.K. announced that today it has applied to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for licenses to operate W-CDMA experimental radio stations on the 1.7GHz frequency band, marking the first time in Japan for an existing 3G mobile operator to apply for a field test license on this frequency band. After receiving a field test license, Vodafone K.K. plans to conduct field tests for approximately 6 months in Chiba prefecture to investigate radio wave propagation characteristics and building shadowing effects, as well as measure in-building penetration loss while operating on the 1.7GHz frequency band. 

Vodafone K.K. currently offers 3G services on the 2GHz frequency band. However, due to an increasing number of 3G customer contracts and the proliferation of packet communication flat-rate services, a rapid increase in 3G traffic is expected, which would make current 2GHz frequency band capacity insufficient. To avoid this issue, Vodafone K.K. has applied for experimental radio station licenses to expedite the development of W-CDMA systems operating on the 1.7GHz frequency band for future commercial use.

The technical conditions for the introduction of IMT-2000 systems* onto the 1.7GHz frequency band are being considered by the Committee for Efficient Use of Mobile Phone Frequency of the Telecommunications Council (a consultative body under the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications). *W-CDMA and cdma2000 systems

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