Vodafone KK to Confirm ID of Prepaid Customers
Vodafone KK to Confirm ID of Prepaid Customers

Vodafone KK to Confirm ID of Prepaid Customers

Vodafone KK to Confirm ID of Prepaid Customers

Vodafone K.K. announced today that it will introduce an additional measure on 25 April 2005 to confirm the identification of all customers using prepaid handsets sold under the Vodafone Prepaid Service* to prevent the inappropriate use of prepaid handsets in Japan. A change will be implemented to confirm the identity of all prepaid customers, including existing customers that purchased prepaid handsets in the past. Those unable to provide the requested information within a certain period will have their lines suspended. 

Details of the measure are as follows:
(1) Via its website, mail and other communication methods, Vodafone K.K. will request that prepaid customers register their ID information. The following types of customers are affected:
– Customers who are currently using prepaid handsets, but did not register ID information
– Customers who registered ID information but have since seen a change in registration details

Customers who register ID information with Vodafone K.K. will be treated as Vodafone K.K.
subscribers. Customers who registered ID information at time of purchase, but have since
transferred prepaid mobile handsets to third parties, and are not using them, are required to report
this information to Vodafone K.K.

(2) Customers will be able to register their ID information at Vodafone shops nationwide from 25 April until 31 October 2005.

(3) From November 2005, Vodafone K.K. will begin suspending the lines of customers unable to provide ID information within the given timeframe above.

In addition to implementing this measure to confirm the ID of prepaid customers, Vodafone K.K. will introduce a transfer system for its prepaid service to manage customer information. Customers wishing to transfer a prepaid handset to third parties will be required to report this information to Vodafone K.K.

Vodafone K.K. has already implemented the following measures for prepaid service ID confirmation:
(1) Since December 2004, at time of purchase, customers can only use prepaid handsets after their ID information has been confirmed and registered on Vodafone K.K.?fs customer information system.
(2) Since December 2004, Vodafone K.K. has been confirming the ID of existing prepaid customers when requested by municipal governments, and has suspended lines if customers failed to provide the information requested.

For additional information, please contact:
Matthew Nicholson
Vodafone K.K. Public Relations
Tel: +81 3 6403 2506
URL: http://www.vodafone.jp