NTT DoCoMo to Launch N700i and P700i 3G FOMA Handsets
NTT DoCoMo to Launch N700i and P700i 3G FOMA Handsets

NTT DoCoMo to Launch N700i and P700i 3G FOMA Handsets

NTT DoCoMo to Launch N700i and P700i 3G FOMA Handsets


DoCoMo, Inc. announced the launch of the N700i and P700i, the last two handsets in the new 3G FOMA 700i series, through DoCoMo sales channels nationwide on March 11. The N700i comes in three stylish body colors, which can be combined with any of ten snap-on Style Plus custom jackets for a total of 33 color combinations. Both the handset body and custom jackets have antibacterial surfaces. The P700i, the lightest FOMA handset available, features an expansive 2.2″ QVGA LCD screen and high-performance 1.25-megapixel camera. The body is stylishly texturized and color choices are thoughtfully matched to preinstalled icon-based menus and standby screens. 


Users can enjoy Decoration Videophone™, which enables hearts and other pictographs to overlay the caller’s image and move in sync with the caller’s face. Petit Message™ enables text to overlay the caller’s image for even more expressive videophone communication. Visual Check™ enables the caller to temporarily substitute an image in place of their actual face when receiving a video call, perhaps to double-check their appearance before switching to live video.

The N700i is the first FOMA handset to be preinstalled with Disney characters for use with standby screens, incoming/outgoing calls, mail, etc.


With one push of a button, the phone flips open and the user can start talking. The Kirari-mail® LED lights up when the user receives or opens i-mode® mails containing dedicated emoticons.

Like other models in the 700i series, the N700i and P700i have the following common features:

  1. Videophone
    700i users enjoy all the benefits of videophone, as well as Chara-den™ animated avatars that can be shown in place of the caller’s image.
  2. Music player functions
    Memory cards stored with music files can be inserted into 700i phones for playback.
  3. ChakuUta™ and ChakuMotion™
    High-quality music or audiovisual clips (up to 500 KB) can be stored in 700i phones for playback or ring tones/videos for incoming calls. The phones also handle up to 100 KB of ring tone files.
  4. Deco-mail®
    HTML mail can be decorated with different backgrounds, text colors/sizes and photos, as well as animations downloaded from i-mode sites. Deco-mail templates are preinstalled in all models.
  5. Megapixel cameras
    Each 700i model has an auto-focus camera with effective resolution exceeding one million pixels.
  6. G-GUIDE®
    700i phones come preinstalled with G-GUIDE to obtain detailed information about TV shows and G-Codes® to program video recorders, etc. quickly and easily.

The price of the both handsets will be open (unfixed). Standard accessories that come with the handsets, but can also be purchased separately, include battery pack (1,470 yen), AC adapter (945 yen) and desktop holder (630 yen). Extra Style Plus custom jackets for the N700i will cost 525 yen. These prices, which include tax, are for the Kanto-Koshinetsu area only.