WirelessMatch Bridges Investment Gap for Early Stage Wireless Companies
WirelessMatch Bridges Investment Gap for Early Stage Wireless Companies

WirelessMatch Bridges Investment Gap for Early Stage Wireless Companies

WirelessMatch Bridges Investment Gap for Early Stage Wireless Companies

Today marks the launch of WirelessMatch.co.uk, an online mobile and wireless accelerator programme developed to match early stage wireless applications, content and technology companies with private equity investment of between £50,000 – £1.5m. Founded by senior executives from Gorilla Park, Move2Mobile and Lucent, WirelessMatch screens applicants that apply to be listed on the site by performing an expert technological, commercial and financial review. This process allows WirelessMatch to ascertain whether the applicants are investment ready.  

Once the strict vetting process has been successfully completed, companies’ details are listed on WirelessMatch.co.uk where they are exposed to the WirelessMatch investor network.

With many venture capitalists vacating the sub £2.5m private equity market, there is an increasing funding gap opening up for young companies looking to expand in the dynamic and fast-growth wireless sector. At the same time Government plans to deregulate and self-certificate business angels, making the opportunities more attractive for private investors. WirelessMatch is well positioned to provide a targeted resource for individuals looking to invest directly in emerging mobile or wireless companies.

Before launch, WirelessMatch has received strong interest from over 30 companies , whilst at the same time there is an increasing demand from investors for investment opportunities in early stage wireless companies.

Steven Dotsch, WirelessMatch chairman said: ?It is clear that one of the main barriers to growth for early stage companies is the lack of finance and financial expertise. There is no shortage of good ideas in the wireless space. There is also a growing number of investors that understand the opportunities that exist in the wireless sector. WirelessMatch exists to profile the companies with the best ideas to this investment community.?

Nigel Spray, managing partner of Frontiers Capital, a development capital firm specialising in telecommunications and wireless investments and early supporter of WirelessMatch, said: ?The WirelessMatch concept is very exciting for start-up and early stage wireless companies and I believe this initiative will encourage and accelerate further developments of companies in the wireless and mobile sectors.?

Investments in unquoted companies tend to be illiquid and riskier. However the rewards can be very attractive. UK private equity investments have consistently outperformed other investment categories. Coupled with the generous income and capital gains tax breaks under the Enterprise Investment Scheme – and the loss relief cushion if the investment does not go according to plan – the case for private equity looks compelling for relevant and knowledgeable individuals to diversify their assets into private equity investment.

For further information please contact:
Stephen Green/Tim Banks
infomob Public Relations
0870 874 1324

About WirelessMatch
WirelessMatch aims to facilitate private equity investment in early stage companies operating in the wireless applications, content and technology markets.

For investors:
WirelessMatch provides its investor-members with access to pre-screened investment opportunities in the telecommunications, wireless and wireless related sectors. WirelessMatch investors have the possibility to invest alongside like-minded private and institutional investors often in a tax efficient manner.

For wireless companies:
WirelessMatch provides wireless related companies seeking finance between £50,000 and £1.5m with the opportunity to raise equity funding and leverage support from its investor network.