NEC Accelerates Sales of Point-to-point Wireless Access System
NEC Accelerates Sales of Point-to-point Wireless Access System

NEC Accelerates Sales of Point-to-point Wireless Access System

NEC Accelerates Sales of Point-to-point Wireless Access System

NEC Corporation announced today that the sales of its point-to-point wireless access system “PASOLINK” recorded over 200 thousand system in total for the global market. NEC launched its first PASOLINK product in the mid 1980s, supplying 18GHz PASOLINK systems to a leading telecom operator in UK. Since then, business has expanded to a worldwide scale. Recently, due to the rapid expansion of mobile networks, many operators deploy PASOLINK to connect radio base stations to speedily facilitate rapid and simple installation of mobile infrastructure. Sales of NEC’s PASOLINK exceeded 50,000 units in FY 2000, 110,000 units up to the beginning of FY2003. 

The number has rapidly expanded recently due to the large-scale, long-term contract with mobile operators not only in Europe but also other countries such as China, Russia and India which recorded over 200,000 as in December 2004. The rapid growth of the business is attributable to NEC’s long-standing experience, competence, advanced and high-quality technologies, and its leading position in the global microwave communication systems market. Currently NEC holds leading position in this market.

PASOLINK is chiefly designed for telecom carriers’ backhaul, business and emergency networks. It offers simple and highly reliable fixed wireless solutions. PASOLINK is a PDH/SDH microwave system which offers a variety of systems to cover small to large capacity requirements. The systems operate at various radio frequency bands ranging from 4 to 52 GHz and a maximum traffic capacity of 2 X 155 Mbps. It is applicable to various solutions such as mobile network infrastructure to connect base stations, business user links, private networks, LAN/WAN interconnection and back up for optical fiber networks. NEC’s PASOLINK allows for simple installation, speedy service introduction and, efficient and economical solutions for day-to-day transmission as well as emergency situations.

NEC offers a wide range of PASOLINK series, that is, PASOLINK, PASOLINK Mx and PASOLINK+. PASOLINK features Ethernet interface functions and adds ATPC (Automatic Transmitter Power Control) functions to further improve transmission quality. PASOLINK Mx features the world’s largest capacity of 80 Mbps (40 x 2 Mbps) within the bandwidth of 28 MHz by 16QAM. It enables the easy and rapid expansion of broadband and mobile network infrastructure such as 3rd generation (3G) and mobile multimedia application services, without disrupting the current licensed bandwidth.
The new product employs DSP technology-based spectrum shaping and 16QAM modulation to realize the large capacity. PASOLINK+ features to cover the large capacity (STM-1 – 2xSTM-1) with narrow bandwidth(28MHz bandwidth by 128QAM modulation). It contributes to effective use of frequency band.

NEC will continue to expand its PASOLINK business to meet the demands of emerging 3G, mobile internet and IP network markets to gain a leading position in the mobile solution arena.

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NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l)is one of the world’s leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its diverse and global base of customers. Ranked as one of the world’s top patent-producing companies, NEC delivers tailored solutions in the key fields of computer, networking and electron devices, by integrating its technical strengths in IT and Networks, and by providing advanced semiconductor solutions through NEC Electronics Corporation. The NEC Group employs more than 140,000 people worldwide and had net sales of approximately $43 billion in the fiscal year ended March 2004.


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