DoCoMo's Global 3G Handset
DoCoMo's Global 3G Handset

DoCoMo's Global 3G Handset

DoCoMo's Global 3G Handset

DoCoMo has introduced the N900iG [.jpg image], the first 3G FOMA handset compatible in approximately 115 countries/regions. The handset goes on sale 25 December 2004. N900iG users who want to use the handset abroad must subscribe to DoCoMo’s World Wing 3G roaming service for i-mode packet communications, videophone, SMS and voice calls in other countries/regions.

Main Features and Specifications of FOMA N900iG
  • Compatible with both GSM and 3G W-CDMA networks for voice, video calling and SMS in approximately 115 countries and regions
  • The first FOMA handset for i-mode international roaming. Users can send and receive i-mode mail under the same address they use in Japan and check i-mode websites even in foreign countries.
  • The handset searches automatically for 3G or GSM networks. The user can manually set the phone to either 3G fixed or GSM fixed stand-by mode.
  • International dialing assist automatically dials the destination country code if the user selects a foreign number from the phone book.
  • Deco-mail・ Large volume i-appliョ and Chara-den・services are still available when users are overseas.

The new handset will be available at all DoCoMo sales channels from December 25, 2004. The price will be open (unfixed). The handset will come with a standard kit that includes a battery pack, desktop holder and AC adapter. Purchased separately, the battery pack costs 2,205 yen, the AC adapter (usable worldwide) costs 1,365 yen, and the desktop holder 1,050 yen (all prices include tax). The prices are for the Kanto-Koshinetsu area only, and may be changed in other locations by any of DoCoMo’s eight regional subsidiaries.

Main Specifications

Full Specs (in English) Here

Height x width x thickness (folded)

103 x 50 x 28 mm


Approx. 132 grams

3G network

Continuous Stand-by Time

Approx. 150 hours (static)
Approx. 110 hours (dynamic)

Continuous Talk Time

Approx. 105 minutes

Continuous Video Calling

Approx. 70 minutes

GSM network

Continuous Stand-by Time

Approx. 110 hours

Continuous Talk Time

Approx. 120 minutes

Main LCD

Approx. 2.2 inches
(240 x 320 dots)
65,536 colors: transparent QVGA TFT


Approx. 1.0 inches
(120 x 90 dots)
65,536 colors: semi-transparent TFT

External Memory Device

miniSD・Memory Card (optional)


Outer: v Maicovicon・Camera
Effective resolution: 1.24 mega pixels
Recorded resolution: 1.23 mega pixels
Inner: CMOS camera
Effective resolution: 100,000 pixels
Recorded resolution: 100,000 pixels