TruVideo, Beijing DG Telecom in Mobile Video Partnership
TruVideo, Beijing DG Telecom in Mobile Video Partnership

TruVideo, Beijing DG Telecom in Mobile Video Partnership

TruVideo, Beijing DG Telecom in Mobile Video Partnership

Beijing DG Telecom, a mobile applications and infrastructure provider, has announced an agreement with TruVideo, a Berkeley, California, based company specializing in mobile video solutions, to provide mobile video applications for the greater Chinese mobile market. Freeverse Partners, a Tokyo based company specializing in assisting foreign companies in Asian mobile business development and strategy, facilitated the partnership.

“DG Telecom chose TruVideo as our mobile video partner based on the maturity, scope and scalability of their technology,” comments Steve Chan, CTO of DG Telecom. “As one of the largest providers of mobile devices in China, we found TruVideo meets our exacting standards in video quality, handset coverage and adaptability of technology.”

By leveraging TruVideo’s broad range of applications, DG Telecom will enter the market with advanced products that span the Chinese carrier market from current 2.5G offerings to next generation 3G with Java, Symbian and Brew compatible video solutions.

“TruVideo’s technology is ideal for low- to mid-range phones, so it has far greater reach than any other mobile video solution,” says Avideh Zakhor, CEO and founder of TruVideo. “With our patented high-performance suite of video communication products we are able to actually realize video streaming on 2G networks and provide top performance and economy for 3G and beyond.”

About Beijing DG Telecom

Founded in 1997, DG telecom is the biggest vendor of transmission equipment/solutions for major Chinese operators, from 2000, DG telecom had teamed up with major Chinese Mobile Operators and major handset manufacturers to provide value added services in China. It now has become the only LBS service and platform providers for China Unicom, and one of the leading mobile video solution providers in Chinese Mobile market. For further information please visit the DG website at

About TruVideo

Founded in 2000, TruVideo, a Berkeley California based company, provides a patented suite of multi-media communication products for delivery over wireless networks. These include standard-based server products, as well as small footprint clients designed to deliver high frame rate and smooth video at low bandwidth. TruVideo’s mobile multimedia technology provides high quality video over a wide range of phone platforms and variety of networks, including 2G, 2.5G and 3G. More information about TruVideo may be obtained by visiting their website at

About FreeVerse Partners

FreeVerse Partners is a business development and consulting group located in Tokyo, Japan. The FreeVerse team consists of mobile industry experts with experience in Japan and the U.S. “Our relationships in the mobile technology sector combined with our knowledge and experience allow us to open doors quickly and create real business deals for our clients,” says Kazuoki Saito, founder of FreeVerse Partners. For further information please visit the FreeVerse Partners homepage at http://www.freeverse.jpFor further information, please visit the FreeVerse Partners home page at:

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