SkyWave and LignUp Partnership Builds on Channel in Japan
SkyWave and LignUp Partnership Builds on Channel in Japan

SkyWave and LignUp Partnership Builds on Channel in Japan

SkyWave and LignUp Partnership Builds on Channel in Japan

SkyWave, Inc., Ltd., a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) pioneer and leading provider of VoIP services and solutions in Japan, and LignUp Corporation, a leading provider of SIP-based voice applications and software infrastructure for the enterprise, today announced that the companies will build on channel and customer successes in Japan by partnering to jointly develop and market SIP solutions that enhance enterprise communications while reducing long distance costs, reducing telecom operating costs, and eliminating redundant infrastructure costs.

The SkyWave-LignUp portfolio of solutions includes SIP-PBX, SIP-Centrex, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging and Outbound Calling applications developed on the LignUp Communications Infrastructure. The software only, standards-based, web services-oriented LignUp Communications Infrastructure enables cost-effective development and fast deployment of multiple voice and voice-enabled business applications on a common communications platform.

“Japan is one of the world’s most advanced markets for broadband and VoIP technologies,” said Robert Kelley, CEO, SkyWave, Inc. “By delivering SkyIP-PBX, a SIP-PBX solution based on the flexible LignUp Communications Infrastructure, SkyWave has been able to quickly build a strong sales channel and win numerous customer successes. Working with distribution partners such as Net One Systems, NEC System Integration & Construction NTT-ME, to achieve enterprise deployments at organizations such as the City of Kai, Japan, and Hitachi IT, SkyWave has benefited, and will continue to benefit, from our relationship with LignUp.”

SkyWave’s success in Japan has earned the company a place on the 2004 Pulver 100 list. This prestigious award recognizes leading private companies in the communications sector that enjoy significant growth rates and substantial real-world customer deployments.

“We were impressed with how well the SkyIP-PBX tested compared with alternative solutions,” said Toru Ishikawa, General Manager of IP-Based Solution Department, Hitachi Information Technology Company. “Since implementing this technology in our Tokyo headquarters, we have found the SkyWave solution to be superior in functionality and reliability, supporting almost 1,000 employees in this office without a single breakdown in phone service.”

“As a channel partner of SkyWave, NEC System Solutions has leveraged the full-featured and flexible SkyIP-PBX to quickly tailor solutions for our customers,” said Masaya Kadota, Senior Manager, IT Telephony System Department, NEC System Integration & Construction, Inc. “The standards-based, web services-oriented architecture of SkyIP-PBX helps us to differentiate our offerings with unique hardware combinations and custom applications. These solutions from SkyWave are also cost competitive with industry alternatives, and increase our revenue with lucrative deployment and professional service contracts.”

“By combining our development and distribution efforts, LignUp and SkyWave are well positioned to leverage LignUp’s expertise in developing innovative communications solutions and SkyWave’s pioneering experience in Japan, an advanced market for VoIP technologies” said Hector Saldana, CEO, LignUp Corporation, “We look forward to building on our track record of success with SkyWave, in Japan and around the world.”

About LignUp
LignUp Corporation is a leading provider of software only, SIP based Voice Applications and Infrastructure for enterprises. The LignUp applications portfolio includes SIP-PBX, SIP-Centrex, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging and Outbound Calling applications developed on the LignUp Communications Infrastructure, a software only, standards-based, web services-enabled platform. This infrastructure facilitates the cost-effective development and
flexible deployment of multiple voice and voice enabled business applications. With LignUp Applications and LignUp Communications Infrastructure, systems integrators, network integrators and service providers have quickly assembled differentiated, cost competitive solutions for enterprise customers. A privately held company, LignUp is based in Mountain View, California and has offices in Salt Lake City, Shanghai and Tokyo. More information on LignUp can be found at

About SkyWave
SkyWave, Inc., Ltd. is a leading provider of VoIP applications, infrastructure, and hosted services in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SkyWave first pioneered the development and operations of VoIP technologies in the pre-standards era, and SkyWave today has assembled a broad portfolio of SIP standards-based products. SkyWave solutions enable voice communications using PCs, phones and PDAs over wired and wireless networks. SkyWave has assembled a strong distribution channel, including partners such as NEC System Integration & Construction, Net One Systems, NTT-ME, K Solutions (KDDI group) and Sun Telephone. A privately held company, SkyWave has numerous customer successes, including VoIP implementations at the City of Kai, Japan and Hitachi Information Technology Co. More information on SkyWave can be found at

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