Motorola Teams with KDDI for Another First: CDMA2000 1X on 2GHz Network in Japan
Motorola Teams with KDDI for Another First: CDMA2000 1X on 2GHz Network in Japan

Motorola Teams with KDDI for Another First: CDMA2000 1X on 2GHz Network in Japan

Motorola Teams with KDDI for Another First: CDMA2000 1X on 2GHz Network in Japan

Motorola today announced that it has begun deployment of its CDMA2000 1X solution on a 2GHz network for KDDI, the leading carrier for 3G cellular phone service in Japan. KDDI is expected to commercially roll out innovative data and voice services based on its new 3G network in late October 2004. The new packet-based 2GHz network will allow KDDI to leverage additional bandwidth while offering the opportunity to provide more advanced IP-based feature enhancements to deliver new services to its customers.

The Roll-out expands KDDI’s network capacity by using additional 3G band; offers feature enhancement opportunities, strengthens long-term relationship between two wireless leaders. ‘We will reach yet another milestone with Motorola with our launch of this new 3G service,’ said Tadashi Onodera, president of KDDI Corporation. ‘Time and again, Motorola has proven to be a reliable supplier working with us to consistently provide us with innovative solutions to meet our business needs. With Motorola’s strong support, I am optimistic that we can gain a stronger foothold in the CDMA2000 1X market and continue to expand our current subscriber base.’

‘This commercial deployment in Japan of CDMA2000 1X in the 2GHz band underlines our commitment and leadership in developing CDMA2000 1X technology,’ said Simon Leung, senior vice president, Motorola, Inc. and general manager for its infrastructure business in the Asia Pacific region. ‘We look forward to deepening our 15-year relationship with KDDI through well-designed wireless solutions that will help KDDI capture additional revenue and meet emerging customer needs.’

KDDI has enjoyed tremendous success with its all-Motorola 800MHz CDMA2000 1X network, growing its CDMA customer base to 18 million subscribers.

Motorola is an established leader in CDMA technology having delivered one of the world’s first commercial CDMA networks in Hong Kong in 1995. Its fully integrated CDMA2000 1X solution comprises industry-leading access and core technologies, robust system platforms, innovative applications, reliable services and end user devices.

About KDDI
KDDI is the second largest total telecom carrier in Japan. KDDI is exploiting its unique potential as a company that comprehensively provides information and telecommunications service offering including mobile and broadband services. KDDI is working to become a ‘Ubiquitous Solution Company’ that provides secure, convenient value-added solutions. Please visit for more information.

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