New 3G Phone from Kyocera
New 3G Phone from Kyocera

New 3G Phone from Kyocera

New 3G Phone from Kyocera

KDDI has just announced a new 3G handset, the A1403K by Kyocera [.jpg image], which will be available in Japan at the end of October. Touted as a “Friendly oval form which is comfortable to hold,” it was designed by Ichiro Iwasaki. We have a quick peek on video of what looks like an early prototype of this model at CEATEC 2002. See the press release [in Japanese] Here.

The colorful function adhering to a design and pleasure is carried taking in the view of the universal design which is easy to use for anyone. It is the FRIENDLY design cellular phone with which a cellular phone becomes more familiar. In A1403K, though the ease of having, conspicuousness, and the ease of carrying out of operation are pursued, the pleasure which has a cellular phone in OSHARE and walks by the design and the function in which the play heart was added is extended.

The oval form which wore the roundness which gets used to a hand designed by Mr. Ichiro Iwasaki producing, the sense of distance of people and a cellular phone is considered thoroughly, and an oval form gentle to is realized on a future target. It is the design which gets used to a hand and is easy to have with form and built-in antenna wore.

The “graphic window” adhering to a design and conspicuousness which tells information intelligibly to a sub display using big animation was carried. The pleasant animation drawn by the coarse dot tells information to graphics. Moreover, the color united with the main part is selected carefully. It is the sub display which combines design nature and practicality.

2.2 inch QVGA liquid crystal + — character A main display carries the 2.2 inch highly minute QVGA liquid crystal of 260,000 colors. moreover, “which displays dispatch/arrival history check and an address book reference result by 44×44 dots at the time of dispatch/arrival — character” — correspondence They are five kinds at the time of EZweb or E-mail creation. (12 dots / 16 dots / 20 dots / 24 dots / 32 dots) Favorite character size can be chosen from inside. Taking advantage of the high resolution of QVGA liquid crystal, it displays from a small character finely legible to a character. In the case of 12 dots, a maximum of 440 characters can be displayed on one screen.

Mail and time “Voice support” read out with a “sound” It guides with a sound firmly about the contents of operation. It supports with a sound intelligibly also for the one weaker of operation. Moreover, the ease of using of a cellular phone spreads further the present time in the state where the cellular phone was closed as it is as reading out information, information of the partner name at the time of arrival of the mail, and the contents of mail.

We announce you arrival of the mail by the name. At the time of arrival of the mail, we read out and announce you a partner’s name.

Smart mode: the one where complicated operation is weaker — a can — the “smart mode” which can use a telephone call, mail, a camera, etc. in a tongue procedure — loading Simple and intelligible operativity was realized. Since it is beforehand set as the smart mode, you can use immediately in the state where you purchased. The font adopted 32×32 dots which secured a size and list nature, and adopted the icon menu which reconciled visibility and design nature. Moreover, in an icon menu and a function, a guide is displayed for each item at the time of selection.

Pair function: If the partner who makes mail and a telephone frequent is registered, mail and a telephone will be made to ???? in a few procedure. Since C mail is automatically displayed on a ?? screen from the partner who did pair registration, an important message can be seen more certainly. Moreover, it corresponds to “that man mail” which can create the mail to the partner who did pair registration immediately from the menu after camera photography.

The handling description about basic functions, such as telephone / mail camera and EZweb, was newly drawn up so that intelligibly [ in those who use a cellular phone for the first time ]. It became contents more sociable than the conventional handling description by the addition of the increase in a color page, a mouthful column, the Para Para comics, etc.

The screen design which is full of the play heart It is the simple and comfortable screen design of Ichiro Iwasaki Mr. producing like a main part design. The fun of the coarse dot partially used into an intelligible expression etc. is directing the simple and pleasant screen.

It carries a full load also of the pleasant function in which it can play. The face of itself’s who took a photograph, or a friend was changed for every parts, such as an eye, a nose, and a mouth, and the “face modification mode” which can play combining nine characters [ PURISETTO / characters ] was carried.

Picture diary function: A favorite comment is put into the photograph and movie which were photoed, and it corresponds to the “picture diary function” whose preservation is possible according to the date. A photograph and a movie can enjoy themselves with album feeling.

Petamemo function: since a telephone number / mail address / data is awaited, it can register as “PETAMEMO” which can be called easily. You can use also as shortcut to related application.

— WWJ Editors