Sony Announces New Clie for Japan
Sony Announces New Clie for Japan

Sony Announces New Clie for Japan

Sony Announces New Clie for Japan

This may be the exception that proves the rule, but Sony shows that the PDA isn’t quite dead yet (at least not in Japan) with their latest, the multimedia PEG-VZ90. The biggest news is that it’s the first Palm with an OLED screen, but besides that it also plays back MPEG-4 video and both ATRAC3 and MP3 audio (hallelujah!), includes 802.11b wireless, and has a CF card slot that will take both communications and memory cards (plus the inevitable Memory Stick slot. According to Sony’s press release (in Japanese) this unit hits the street here at the end of September. Via: Engadget.


By including an organic EL display, the PEG-VZ90 renews the quality of image as mobile apparatus, and users can enjoy animation and still pictures in clear high definition.

Moreover, this device includes Media Launcher software which can reproduce [which can be reproduced and can list display] easily animation, music, and still pictures. It is possible to access various audio-visual contents freely.

It is the beauty of a prejudice to 1, an animation, and still picture reproduction. An “organic EL display” is carried.
The “organic EL display” using the element for which the substance itself emits light is excellent in color reproducibility and contrast to the liquid crystal display displayed by the penetration light from a back light.
You also realize 180 more improvement in the speed of an extensive view angle and response speed, and can enjoy a high definition image compared with the former.
The width type design for enjoying 2 and an image
In consideration of the operativity at the time of animation reproduction etc., the width type design which can contain an operation part by the slide formula on a main part is adopted.
On a wide screen, you can enjoy an animation and a photograph fully.
Moreover, “disk JOGU” which realizes the operativity which was excellent in AV contents is equipped in the center of an operation part.
3, a mass battery, and a mass memory are carried.
The mass battery which can fully enjoy an image and music is carried. It is continuation about 4 hours by animation reproduction. ?1 If it is music, it is about 42 hours. ?2 Continuation reproduction can be performed. Moreover, in addition to 40MB of domain of a main part which can be user used, 95MB of built-in media are utilizable with loading of a mass memory.
?1: It is by ?? mode-off at the reproduction time. ?2: It is by ON about a HOLD switch at the reproduction time.
4, CF card slot which extends a practical use scene ?1 Equipment
In addition to the “memory stick” slot, CF card slot was equipped.
AV contents can be saved at CF memory card, and it is a CompactFlash type PHS communication card. ?2 being also alike — it corresponds

*1: There are some which cannot perform animation reproduction of 30fps by a part of CF memory card.
CF memory card of the capacity exceeding 2GB cannot be used.
It does not correspond to CF type HDD.
*2: Only AH-S405made from SEIKO INSUTSURU C corresponds.
5 and Sony CPU “Handheld Engine TM ” is carried.
It is compatible in power saving and high AV performance with loading of the application CPU “Handheld Engine” developed for KURIE. By the voltage control function by “DVFM (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Management)” technology, it is usually use, and is a long time for about 18 days. * ??? is possible.

*: When notebook functions, such as a schedule, are used about 30 minutes in the state of ?? mode-on on the 1st. It may change with a use situation, setup, etc. Moreover, if it is left with full electric discharge carried out, a user use domain will be eliminated.
6 and the wireless LAN function which is useful by the mobile youth are carried.

The office which has the wireless LAN environment of a 2.4GHz belt by wireless LAN function built-in of IEEE802.11b conformity, a house, a station, cafe * It ties to which access point and a “KURIE” simple substance can perform transmission and reception of Web browsing or mail easily. It has the scanning function and automatic selection function of an access point which are useful by the mobile youth.

*: Depending on the offer form of service, it may not get used to use.
It is attached in 7 and an exclusive carrying case.
It is attached to this machine in the carrying case of exclusive use. A “KURIE” main part is protected from a crack or dirt as well as a display. Black is used for a color in accordance with a main part. User-friendliness is also elaborated — it can set to a clay dollar, equipped with a case.
1 and newly developed “media launcher” are carried.
Only by choosing the menu item (tab) of the screen upper part, while indicating the file of each contents of an animation, or a music and a still picture by a classification / list legible, it can be operated intuitively.

<> Media launcher “Movie”
The file of an animation by which it was indicated by the list is smoothly chosen by disk JOGU of a main part operation part, and it can reproduce. Edit of each title is also possible in attaching thumbnail (one scene of an animation).
1) The animation reproduction recorded on the “memory stick” (option) etc. is possible.
It corresponds to a maximum of 30 fps(es) (at the time of 768Kbps mode), and the quick picture of a motion is also smoothly reproduced in accordance with the characteristic of a an “organic EL display” with a quick response speed. In addition, it is reproducible also from CF memory card (option) or the built-in media of a main part.
2) The TV program recorded on videotape with the personal computer of “VAIO” and others is changed into CLIE MP4 form (MP4 conformity) with attached software “Image Converter 2 for CLIE MP4”, and it can reproduce with this machine. QuickTime form ?1 MPEG movie ?2 being also alike — it corresponds

*1: Only the animation file for mobile movie apparatus is reproducible.
*2: A part of form may be unable to reproduce the MPEG movie VX etc.
<> Media launcher “Music”
The music reproduction from a “memory stick” (option), CF memory card (option), and built-in media is possible. Reproduction is possible with the stereo speaker of a main part, and also you can enjoy music comfortably in movement in attached sealed type inner year system stereo headphone and audio remote control.
Moreover, other software, such as a schedule, can be used, listening to music. * .

* : there is software which does not correspond in part.
<> Media launcher “Photo”
He walks easily with a favorite photograph etc. and it can display by the high definition of an “organic EL display.”
A photograph to see is chosen and all screen displays are also possible.
A “memory stick” (option) and since CF memory card (option) can be used, the picture photoed with the digital still camera can also be displayed easily.
2 and “new and a notebook function (KURIE organizer)” are carried.
“New and the notebook function” (KURIE organizer) which realized the usage feeling of handwriting feeling in the digital notebook are carried. a schedule — the function of – address, To Do, a handwriting memorandum memo pad, and convenient information is included
Highly efficient browser “NetFront v3.1 for CLIE” loading which enjoys 3 and the Internet by the big screen
The WEB browser “NetFront v3.1 for CLIE” which realized the advanced function is carried. The homepage of complicated layouts, such as a frame and a table, is also optimized and reproduced in the screen size of KURIE as well as displaying a picture.