DDI Pocket's New 128k PC Card
DDI Pocket's New 128k PC Card

DDI Pocket's New 128k PC Card

DDI Pocket's New 128k PC Card

The new AH-H407P PC card [.jpg image] made for DDI Pocket by Honda Electron [Press Release] is set to start selling in Japan on September 10. It appears they will offer a flat-rate monthly fee for the 128-kbps PHS connection, which (if true) would mean we’ll be lining up to get one for ourselves. It could well provide a real challenge to the existing carriers’ 3G data-card pricing strategy.

Best-Effort Machine Translation:

PC card size is realized.
the full receipt of the antenna can be carried out at the main part of a PC card — just — PC card size — realization There are also no worries about the time and effort and antenna breakage which remove a card, and it can carry, carrying out slot in to Note PC.

All direction movable antenna equipment
All the direction movable antennas that realize more advanced communication are adopted. the time of intact — an antenna unit — the main part of a PC card — shapely — It is the smart design which can pull out only an antenna unit portion at the time of receipt and use.
It corresponds to international roaming with a tie for the first time with an AirH” communication card.
It corresponded to international roaming * with a tie for the first time with the card with a built-in communication function.
Taiwan and data-communications use with a tie are possible by using attached utility software and setting it as international roaming mode.

* The inside of roaming becomes PIAFS communication. 32k / 128k packet system, and the FREX change system do not get used to use.

Low power consumption-ization is realized.
At the time of 128k packet communication: As about 175mA and PC card type AirH”, it is low power consumption most.
Time of 64kPIAFS(s) / FREX change communication: — time of 32k packet communication / [ about 120mA and ] 32kPIAFS communications: — about 85mA — awaiting — time (at time of Light Emitting Diode putting out lights): — about 1mA was realized

Correspondence to various DDI Pocket systems.
O A 128k packet system / 32k packet system
O FREX change system
O 32kPIAFS systems / 64kPIAFS (best effort) system

Easy setup CD-ROM is equipped standard.
With the “start-up kit” of inclusion to attached easy setup CD-ROM, a connection setup of the setup of AH-H407P or the Internet access service “PRIN” of a DDI pocket can carry out to easy *.

* It may not operate in some personal computers.