Mobidec 2004 Wireless Tradeshow
Mobidec 2004 Wireless Tradeshow

Mobidec 2004 Wireless Tradeshow

Mobidec 2004 Wireless Tradeshow

The Mobidec 2004 annual event is back for their 4th year, slated to run Aug. 26 – 27th in Tokyo’s Aoyama Diamond Hall. Discover the future for fusion of cybermoney, music distribution, rich contents, and broadcast. As the cellular phone and mobile web usage are increasingly expanding, this two day seminar will explore the affects of the wireless domain on the real economy. The key players in Japan’s cellular phone business and technology sectors will make presentations, and display company exhibits, of their unique experiance in this field.

SAIFU cellular phone "I mode FeliCa" It starts.
Yamaguchi ?? Him DoCoMo, NTT, Inc.
Product & service headquarters Contents & customer part The division manager specializing in contents


The I mode which more than 40 million visitors use as an "IT infrastructure." which will not develop the I mode service which is more convenient for a certain cellular phone, and can be used for it always close for 24 hours as a "life infrastructure" which carried FeliCa and was stuck to all the scenes of a life. As a "SAIFU cellular phone", I introduce the charm and the concrete practical use example of an I mode FeliCa loading terminal which cannot be parted with increasingly.

Symbian native application development which begins from a Nokia 6630 smart phon
Ejiri Shohei Him Nokia Japan, Inc.
Technology platform Forum Nokia Specialist

Ejiri Shohei

The spread of the smart phones which carried Series60 (Symbian OS) is overseas remarkable. The paradigm shift of a mobile solution is beginning to happen in a major power. Also in Japan, practical use of a cellular phone more advanced than a business use etc. is expected. Series60 (Symbian OS) makes entertainment contents more rich, and evolves the world of the mobile youth of a company. In this session, while introducing the WCDMA-GSM cellular phone "Nokia 6630" carrying the Japanese version Series 60 (Symbian OS), the new contents field which the open application environment of Series60 (Symbian OS) realizes is introduced.

New trend of the contents circulation in Europe – BURANDINGU strategy which uses USIM as a core –
Yoshimura Shin-ichi Him Japan JEM plus incorporated company
Marketing director

Yoshimura Shin-ichi

Now, the contents industry in Europe has shifted to the development term from infancy. The "Japan type" contents service model represented by i-mode and Vodafone Live! permeates steadily, and is being accepted in a user. Already, inter-market differences are few and serve as a time which targets a global market. New 7s currents over contents are being born here. The career which is not about a terminal regards contents as an important BURANDINGU element from the difference in industrial structure, and it is groping for the positive way of being concerned which receives there. By this public performance, the Europe career explains the trial of new BURANDINGU using contents for which it is groping now.

It turns to 1 SEGU broadcast and is the mobile strategy of – TBS.
?? Yuka Him TBS
The TBS contents enterprise office Part vice-chief


Small [ the back ] to 1 SEGU broadcast reception at a cellular phone. What business model is built as a broadcasting station? Moreover, a future plan and a future view of TBS which also started animation distribution promptly, such as advance of the "next-generation digital business examination committee" which crossed companies, such as organization and business, and the further development of the contents interlocked with the program, are told.

Evolved television
Okada ? Him TV Asahi
Enterprise office digital contents center Vice-manager treatment


Land-based digital broadcasting starts and the word "fusion of broadcast and communication" often came to be used recently. However, in fact, since it had started with birth of a five years before browser phon, it carried out. Television was produced and television accomplished evolution to the next stage for 50 years. I carry out th
e talk of what has happened to the user or the broadcasting station by "fusion of broadcast and communication" which is not a talk on paper with an actual example.

Cellular-phone contents of a broadcasting station
Ito Tatsuro Him Fuji Television Network
Digital contents office Mobile contents part The vice-manager

Ito Tatsuro

How did you think and developed your cellular-phone contents as a person in charge of Fuji Television which manages a medium called a broadcast wave itself? Moreover, in what direction does it progress from now on? The contents which a broadcasting station offers, and its limit are considered.

Mobile [ realize new development of mobile apparatus and ] FeliCa platform
Kawachi Soichi Him FERIKA networks incorporated company
Representative director president

Kawachi Soichi

The cellular-phone terminal which carries a mobile FeliCa IC tip was put on the market, and the new service by fusion of a cellular phone and FeliCa began this summer. FeliCa networks support development and the service platform of IC tip. Introduction of the contents of an enterprise of FeliCa networks, the structure of the mobile FeliCa platform to offer, etc. are explained.

It is the measure of an index about cooperation of TV and a cellular phone.
Yamamoto ??? Him Incorporated company index
Media development room Section head


cooperation of the media and TV which have overwhelming to a young man in various development of media, and a cellular phone — future deployment and our company — TV linkage remote control in the present measure — I introduce about an application "Navichan"

a platinum melody — the next — a challenge
Nikaido Takeo Him SAMI, Inc. networks
Sound communication operation division Manager

Nikaido Takeo

I talk about the future deployment which utilized the new contents in the "brand strategy" in which the cellular phone site was positioned as a place of the service to a customer, and a movie and MP3.

the present of a character site – a world name — dramatization — a place — and — wearing out — ??? my –
Takayama ? Him Jay incorporated company

Takayama W

three years or more after incorporation procedures — crossing — "– a world name — dramatization — our company which has continued only management of place site" honestly — June — "– it wore out and site" was made to open the full-scale time of 3G — coming — "– whether "whether the future to be in a character site", while real mobile" and "fusion of TV and a cellular phone" are cried for — such "started with the present viewpoint to the last though it ran uneasily — it wears out and I introduce the concept of site", and the example of contents

About a cellular phone auction site "MOBAOKU"
south place Tomoko Him DI, Inc. N A
Representative director

South place Tomoko

1. Or [ Having Begun MOBAOKU why ] Locus of 2. MOBAOKU Growth User Image of 3. MOBAOKU The Feature of Four . Use Patterns Future of 5. MOBAOKU

The mobile commerce strategy of a net price
Ito Direct Him Incorporated company network plus
Corporate officer president’s office section head

Ito Direct

original marketing using the mobile Internet at the shopping style "gathering" which the net price "which can buy popular brand-name goods, a DVD player, and white distilled liquor at a low price using a cellular phone" offers — a circulation model new to origin — raising a better lecture, it introduces about the structure of this "gathering", and the mobile commerce network of the net price which led cooperation with the leading media of a magazine and radio mobile.

The feature of pocket contents middleware MWANGO
Nagami Fumimasa Him DOWANGO, Inc.
Corporate officer The second Research and Development Department Manager

Nagami Fumimasa

"currently offered by our company — be — you, more than a total of 4,500,000 members, use the pocket contents formal site group centering on melodrama mix" Supporting the site is pocket contents middleware "MWANGO" uniquely developed by our company. It explains about the functional feature and its realization technology of "MWANGO" this time.

The domain name as a notice means which raises "site invitation power" – memory nature
Yoneda Fumihiko Him Japanese Registry Service
Business plan group

Yoneda Fumihiko

The improvement in the degree of cognition of a site is the important theme which grasps the key of sales for you of CP. It is [ be / it ] time good for thinking over anew the notice method as an improvement measure in the degree of site cognition now when the possibility of a new business model is also considered by the appearance of a personal digital assistant which carried the settlement-of-accounts function. In this lecture, after looking back upon the conventional site notice method simply and extracting a subject, the solution is proposed.

The challenge with new TAITO mobile contents
Kasama Shin-ichiro Him TAITO CORP.
ON!AIR enterprise headquarters Deputy director-general -and- Division Vice President GAME

Kasama Shin-ichiro

TAITO has managed contents business centering on a classic game and a call signal with melodies. As the second phase, development of a full-scale 3D RPG game, full-scale entry to a fortune-telling enterprise, new BURANDINGU activity of a classic invader character, etc. are performed. In overseas deployment, original development/selling channel is built and the game is already distributed in the country of 50 or more nations. Explanation and introduction are carried out a center [ the new measure of these TAITO ].

From contents starting to the picture distribution according to model, it is a market creation type. ASP
The whole aspect of "OPTPiX GS iMageCreator"
Tanaka Keiichi Him Incorporated company web technology KOMU
Company operating group division manager -and- Direct

Tanaka Keiichi

Web technology with the engine of the highest peak in the world which is proud of more than market share 90% in the game industry. JIGUNO system Japan which is the top content provider of a cellular-phone formal site, and is a pioneer in an imaging solution field. This seminar explains the usefulness of picture conversion service (ASP) "OPTPiX GS iMageCreator" with the meaning which two-company cooperation has, the present condition of picture conversion service, a problem, and these two viewpoints.

The mobile game strategy of success
Sakai Masayasu Him Incorporated company success
Mobile enterprise headquarters Contents part I

Sakai Masayasu

Even if now the improvement in the performance of a personal digital assistant is called game machine, it is not an overstatement. While a leading title is put on the market for cellular phones from major game makers, the measure is introduced for the "super light * success" which our company manages to an example as one of the minor game makers.

New solution introduction of music content work
Kamata Kazuyuki Him Victor Networks
Work division manager Chief producer

Kamata Kazuyuki

The "call signal with melodies" which is proud of the maximum amount of circulation as portable contents. music content following it as the contents which carry out, show a rapid standup and extend a view to music distribution there is " However, it is [ on which the number of contents to make is increasing steadily by a difference or the difference in a terminal ] a career in spite of only compressing a voice file as work. Then, I will mix a demonstration and will explain in detail the solution tool "3G Movie Pro" which can decrease sharply the work man day which the Victor networks developed this time.

The Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs and a third person certificate authority
Sakurai ?? Him Incorporated company index
Security solution division manager


The Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs which will become full enforcement in April, 2005 is explained. moreover, required at the time of mobile contents development — if it prepares and utilizes, the structure of convenient third person attestation, a difference, etc. will be explained

Standards-izing of a mobile contents server system – Mobile COSMO –
Okamoto Seiji Him DOWANGO, Inc.
The first Research and Development Department Manager

Okamoto Seiji

The cellular phone used as the situation that the number of spread also exceeds 82 million sets was already established as one of the life infrastructures. In connection with it, the new market over various industries is beginning to be born rapidly. Towards explosion of such a business chance, I introduce about the standardization project of the server system which the contents [ us ] entrepreneur is leading and carrying forward so that business can be developed more smoothly.