MediaArtist Video SDK for 3GPP
MediaArtist Video SDK for 3GPP

MediaArtist Video SDK for 3GPP

MediaArtist Video SDK for 3GPP

Panasonic announced the release of it’s SDK MediaArtist, an MPEG-4 related AV software encoder for the 3GPP/3GPP2 and SD-Video standards, will go on sale Sept. 1st. Designed to operate with the SD memory card in target devices such as a cellphones, car navi systems, television, and camera models which are increasingly being adopted. Configured for the 3G phones of Japan’s wireless carriers and using the 3GPP standard, the original MPEG-4 object model has been significantly extended. Press Release in Japanese.

Background of development
While mobile portable AV equipments, such as a cellular phone with a camera, and carnavigation, a pocket video player, spread, in order to realize request of wanting to seealways anywhere to carry out an animation, easily, the concern about MPEG-4 which are astandard format has been increasing by the low bit rate. Although many codecs based onMPEG-4 standard were already used, in case the application which cooperates by thecellular phone, mobile one and an AV equipment, and the animation was developed,reservation of compatibility with the MPEG-4 format of these apparatus was a subject.

MPEG-4 corresponding to 3GPP standards and the SD-Video standard that our company iscompatible with the MPEG-4 format of a third generation cellular phone or SD memory cardloading apparatus from already Although the license of the video codec is carried out Inorder to exchange an animation with various apparatus, it responds to the voice of amarket that it is total and I want you to supply a codec not only including video but theaudio. The audio and the MPEG-4 related codec group of a file system which responded forevery 3GPP(s)/3GPP2 standard and SD-Video standard were added to lineup. Since the requestthat he wants to especially exchange an animation smoothly for a cellular-phonecooperation use was strong, they are all domestic carriers. (*) Correspondence to thethird generation cellular phone of 3GPP / 3GPP2 standard conformity was performed.
Moreover, in order to meet the request of wanting to develop the application softwarewhich utilized MPEG-4 codec for a short period of time, sample application was also newlyprepared.

(*) Correspond to NTT DoCoMo in Japan, au, and a Vodaphone. Only video correspondsabout a Vodaphone.

The animation cooperation according to the standard of a third generation cellularphone or SD memory card correspondence apparatus is possible.

With this product, it has had in stock the video according to each standard of 3GPP/3GPP2and SD-Video, the audio, and the MPEG-4 related codec of a file system.

It is possible for it to be total and to offer the codec which united the video audioaccording to the standard according to the use of various applications, such as to checkthe picture photoed with the Internet camera with a third generation cellular phone, or tosave by this, the animation taken in with the personal computer at SD memory card, and toreproduce by SD memory card loading apparatus.

Since it has had in stock the MPEG-4 related codec corresponding to 3GPP/3GPP2standard and the SD-Video standard, the application to the application of utilizing onecontents by both standards is also possible. For example, it is the the best for theapplication software for utilizing an animation, such as reproducing the animationcontents edited with the personal computer by various SD card loading apparatus, such as acellular phone, and a DVD videocassette recorder, car navigation, a digital camera,television, and making it see always anywhere etc.

All domestic carriers (*) It corresponds to 3GPP / 3GPP2 standardconformity third generation cellular phone.

These products are all domestic carriers. (*3) since — since it corresponds tothe third generation cellular phone of correspondence in MPEG-4 video currently sold, anAAC audio, and MP4 file system, it is the the best for loading to the application softwarewhich cooperates with these cellular phones and exchanges an animation According to anidea, various animations can be enjoyed now with a cellular phone, such as editinganimation contents with a personal computer, uploading to a network, reproducing with acellular phone or checking the picture taken in with the surveillance camera with acellular phone.
Moreover, since the application to inclusion apparatus is also possible, it is alsopossible by including in a cellular phone with a camera to add functions, such asanimation videotape recording of MPEG-4 and reproduction.

In our company, expansion of a checked model is due to check compatibility with thecellular phone corresponding to some MPEG-4 videos, the AAC audio, and MP4 file system,and to continue be aimed at.

(*3) Only video corresponds about a Vodaphone.

Offer of SDK which supports the increase in efficiency of the applicationdevelopment for personal computers

The interface with the application for personal computers is MediaArtist. DirectShowwhich is Standard API like the codec of others of series. It is alike, and corresponds and a software development kit is DirectShow. It is provided as a filter. Thereby, it can respond to the inclusion to the application of a personal computerflexibly.

Moreover, in order to develop efficiently the application which utilized MPEG-4 codec, thesample application software of simple and simple operation of operating on a personalcomputer is offered. Support of subject solutions, such as shortening of the applicationsoftware development period of MPEG-4 correspondence and selection of the optimalparameter of MPEG-4 for a product, is possible.

It can respond also to the various platforms of inclusion apparatus, and cooperationwith a personal computer is also easy.

Since this product is created by ANSI C, library offer corresponding to various platformsis possible for it, it begins a cellular phone, and can utilize it also for inclusion to apparatus to raise added value by carrying videotape-recording / reproduction functions of MPEG-4, such as a surveillance camera, PDA, and car navigation.

Furthermore, since it can have in stock the codec of both for the object for personalcomputers, and inclusion apparatus, it is also possible to build this product into both apersonal computer and inclusion apparatus, and to cooperate an animation. For example,MPEG-4 codec is carried in a personal computer as contents work environment asreproduction environment at a pocket video player, and it can utilize also for the use ofcarrying and seeing the contents edited with the personal computer with a pocket videoplayer, without caring about the compatibility of an animation format.