Barefoot Software launch Australian Swimsuit Edition-Free mobile service
Barefoot Software launch Australian Swimsuit Edition-Free mobile service

Barefoot Software launch Australian Swimsuit Edition-Free mobile service

Barefoot Software launch Australian Swimsuit Edition-Free mobile service

Barefoot Software Asia Limited (BSAL) is pleased to announce the launch Australian Swimsuit Edition-Free (ASE), via the Barefoot Software website ( for download. ASE is a Cardmate application which is being launched for Free as a promotional application to end users who have a Symbian 60 supported device.

ASE, the first Australian swimsuit model application for Smartphone devices in the World can initially be downloaded by users who have a Nokia (6600/3650/7650), Sony Ericsson P800/P900 from the BSAL Web site.

BSAL has solved the fundamental flaws associated with today’s mobile application development platforms with its launch of ASE, a product application developed on the Cardmate platform. Cardmate supports Image/Text and Video for mobile devices which gives the consumer a rich graphical user experience on a platform even the novice user can navigate.

Content partners are now able to generate additional revenue through a revenue sharing arrangement with BSAL and the Mobile Telecommunication companies in a market that will be worth US$27 Billion by 2008 for Mobile Entertainment Services.

BSAL has partnered with one of Australia?s most respected swimsuit photographers, Peter Rollans, with more than 15 years experience in the Swimsuit sector. Peter identified that a photographer has a limited market and was seeking a new medium in which to assist himself and other Swimsuit photographers into the new medium in which they share in revenue and are not just limited to the Australian market place – ?it is now time for photographers to take care of themselves and look at the possibility of creating future wealth following their hard work done in the past, by not just limiting themselves to selling their content to print media? say Peter Rollans, Australian Swimsuit Edition Principle. ?I also believe that through the mobile medium, ASE will also be able to promote Australian models onto the global stage through the distribution of Cardmate and ASE mobile services globally.?

BSAL believes that with the advent of Mobile services taking hold in the global market that, Mobile Entertainment related services will attract a market that exceeds US$27 Billion by 2008 and will have over 2.5 Billion users from mobile industry anaylists, the ARC group. By introducing a free version of Cardmate, BSAL believes that Mobile Telecommunication companies will benefit greatly from securing 100% of revenue generated from data usage, and the consumer will benefit from a user friendly Mobile application that actually does what it say?s it will do.

ASE developed using the Cardmate Content Builder has been developed to enable new Cardmate services to be created in unprecedented times (hours or days, not months) by developers with no programming skills. Refreshing content for a Cardmate service is as simple as dropping images/text/video into a folder on the host server. This enables developers and content partners to launch in a very short period of time; it also enables subscribed users to collect new content efficiently, and up to date. BSAL is also supporting Asian fonts for text however, ASE-free will not support this unless requested by an interested party in that region.

?We have reduced development times so significantly that we can design, develop and deploy an application or service in the same time it takes other companies to draw up initial ?concepts?. In short, we have redefined the process of software development and deployment?, says Mark Hillsdon CEO of Barefoot Software Asia Limited.

BSAL is also looking for partners in other sectors such as Sports, News, Entertainment, and Media etc… BSAL has solved the fundamental problem of designing and delivering up to date content for the Entertainment market, as well as providing another revenue opportunity for these sectors, by providing the consumer with an unprecedented richer user experience much better than through a PC browser.

?While we have been engaged in a radical development cycle in a technology market that has been savage in its rejection of so many start-ups, we have surfaced with a bleeding edge technology in a market screaming for a solution to many failed mobile operator business plans.? Says Charles Rossi, eccentric founder of Barefoot Software, Inc.

Examples of Cardmate applications include sports teams/codes, adult entertainment (Beyond Silk), classifieds and real estate, basically any content service that provides Image, Text, and Video.

Much like the relationship Barefoot Software Asia Limited has with Australian Swimsuit Edition, Barefoot will continue to target high profile engagements with significant business benefits to its customers that assist in showcasing the products and capabilities. This is a critical starting point for any new technology that requires maximum low cost exposure.

?While we still have a very strong ongoing interest in Europe and the rest of the established Smartphone regions of the world, Asia has rapidly become an area of key focus for us due to population size, enthusiasm and suitable infrastructure.? Says Mark Hillsdon Chairman and CEO of Barefoot Software Asia Limited.

About Barefoot Software Asia Limited

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2003 for the sole purpose of engaging the Hong Kong, Chinese and other Asian markets, for application services to be delivered onto Mobile Handset devices establish business partner relationships with Handset Manufacturers, Mobile Telecommunication and Service Partners and most importantly, Content Providers.

Barefoot Software Asia Limited secured the Asian rights to eyeGT, the technology that makes it a reality without the limitations of ALL other technologies currently available.
Barefoot Software Asia Limited has also purchased the intellectual property rights to Cardmate, a display and rendering application developed on the eyeGT platform. eyeGT, through its ability to display virtually anything on a small screen, is able to replicate the user interaction, look and feel of a PC on mobile devices. There is no other technology platform available in the world today that is able to make this claim and prove it. eyeGT exists now and deployment has commenced.

Cardmate provides a high level and intuitive API to control and customize all aspects of the final rendering as well as being totally independent from the underlying hardware and software layer. Additionally, it is very, very small and very, very fast.


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