First Bluetooth & BREW 3G Phone
First Bluetooth & BREW 3G Phone

First Bluetooth & BREW 3G Phone

First Bluetooth & BREW 3G Phone

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone are pleased to announce an addition to their new high-speed 3G mobile handset lineup. The new A5504T by Toshiba, available from mid-April, is the first handset to merge BluetoothTM with BREWTM applications, and comes with a mega pixel camera, web-authoring software, multi-media output functionality, EZNavi Walk compatiblity, and data transmission speeds of up to 144kbps.

A5504TThe A5504T is the first handset able to merge BluetoothTM with BREWTM applications, enabling the development of new solutions brought about through wireless communications between mobile handsets and various peripheral devices.

Multi-Media Editing
The A5504T is equipped with multi-media authoring software which allows users to edit TV programs recorded on their PCs with TV tuner and videos captured by video camera, and replay them on the handset.

Multi-Media Output
The A5504T is equipped with a TV output function, first made available on the A5501T model. Users are able to output the Photo Movie captured by the A5504T handset and display it on TV, using a TV connection cable that is provided with the handset.

The A5504T complies to BluetoothTM. Users are able to easily transmit JPEG data of images captured by the mega pixel camera on the handset to BluetoothTM compatible printers by wireless means. Users may also connect to car navigation systems that are compatible with the BluetoothTM enabled TOYOTA G-BOOK, and speak to the handset hands free while driving.

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