Vodafone KK Launches 3G PC Datacard
Vodafone KK Launches 3G PC Datacard

Vodafone KK Launches 3G PC Datacard

Vodafone KK Launches 3G PC Datacard

Vodafone KK will introduce after late April the VC701SI Vodafone Connect Card, a datacard compatible with its 3G W-CDMA network in Japan. Capable of modem and communication functions, the VC701SI, manufactured by Seiko Instruments, is Vodafone’s first 3G CompactFlash (CF) card data terminal.

Capable of modem and communication functions, the VC701SI (manufactured by SeikoInstruments) represents Vodafone K.K.’s first 3G CompactFlash ® (CF) card dataterminal. By inserting the card into notebook PCs, PDAs and other terminals, customers canaccess the internet anywhere and enjoy the high-speed packet transmissions only possiblewith W-CDMA (99.5% network population coverage as of the end of January 2004) of up to384kbps for downlinks as well as up to 64kbps circuit-switched data transmissions.

The VC701SI Vodafone Connect Card will generate greater productivity in a mobileenvironment for a wide range of people, including individual notebook PC and PDA users,and corporate customers in small offices and large corporations.

The main features of the VC701SI Vodafone Connect Card are as follows:

– High-speed packet data transmissions (up to 384kbps for downlinks)

– Bundled utility software that is easy to use, even for beginners

– Compact main body, PC card adaptor, antenna for indoor areas or weak reception, carryingcase equal in size to a DVD case for easy portability

The two new price plans are pack plans that include free data communication allowances.Data Value Pack Super offers 30,000 yen of free data communications at a basic charge of10,600 yen per month and the Data Value Pack Regular offers 8,000 yen of free datacommunications at a basic charge of 5,800 yen per month. In addition, the Yearly Discountand Two Year Discount services which offer discounts on monthly basic charges will beavailable to customers signing up for one year or two year contracts. If signing up forthe Two Year Discount, for instance, the Data Value Pack Super basic monthly charge isreduced to 7,950 yen and the Data Value Pack Regular basic monthly charge is reduced to4,350 yen.

For more information on the VC701SI Vodafone Connect Card and the new price plans anddiscount services, please see the attached appendixes.

* The Vodafone Online Shop will accept advance reservations from 10:00am on March 29.

Vodafone K.K.

2-5-1 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6205 Japan

www.vodafone.jp.About Vodafone K.K.

Vodafone K.K., formerly J-PHONE Co., Ltd., is a leading mobile operator in Japan with over14 million customers and a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s largestmobile community. The Tokyo-based company offers a wide range of sophisticated mobilevoice and data services including Vodafone live!, which provides e-mail and internetaccess to 86% of its customers, and Sha-mail, the pioneering picture messaging servicefirst introduced in November 2000 that now has over 11 million users. In December 2002,Vodafone K.K. launched Vodafone Global Standard, the world’s first
commercial 3G W-CDMA service based on 3GPP international standards. Vodafone GlobalStandard offers its customers fast data speeds in Japan and roaming on 119 networks in 84countries and regions. For more information, please visit www.vodafone.jp

– Windows ® is used as an abbreviation for the Microsoft ® Windows ® operating system.

– Microsoft ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and othercountries.

– Compact Flash ® is a registered trademark of SanDisk Corporation in the US.

– Vodafone Connect Card is a trademark of Vodafone K.K.

– Vodafone, Vodafone live! and the speech mark symbol are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Vodafone Group Plc.

– Vodafone Group is the world’s leading mobile carrier and as of the end of December2003, had equity interests in 26

countries and 327.1m venture customers, with a further eleven partner networks..Appendix 1

VC701SI Overview

1. Main Features

High-speed W-CDMA packet data transmissions (up to 384kbps for downlinks) By inserting theVC701SI into a notebook PC or PDA, customers can access the internet anywhere they are atspeeds of up to 64kbps for uplinks and up to 384kbps for downlinks (best effort) forpacket communications and also use 64kbps circuit-switched data transmissions. Bundledutility software that is easy to use, even for beginners.

The VC701SI comes bundled with Vodafone Connect Card Utilities for the VC701SI on thesetup CD-ROM, which makes it easy for customers to access the internet and checkconnection times, approximate number of data communication bytes and approximate datacommunication charges. Furthermore, the software includes data communication managementtools that can display communication dates, times and histories. Compact size and carryingcase, PC card adaptor, antenna for indoor areas or weak reception

The VC701SI’s main body features a compact size of 42.8mm x 59.9mm x 7.5mm which fitsneatly into notebook PCs and PDAs. Furthermore, the VC701SI comes with a carrying caseequal in size to a DVD case which includes a PC Card adaptor and an external antenna foreasy portability.

2. Main Specifications

Product Name Vodafone Connect Card

Serial Number VC701SI

Card Type CompactFlash ® (TYPE II)

Dimensions 42.8mm x 59.9mm 7.5mm (main body)

Weight Approx. 23g (main body, excluding PC Card adaptor)

Network W-CDMA (packet, circuit switched)

Data speeds Packet: uplink – max. 64kbps, downlink – max. 384kbps (best effort)

Circuit switched: uplink / downlink – 64kbps

Power supply DC 3.3V?5% (supplied from card slot)

Power consumption 1.3W

Operating conditions Operating temperatures: 0?C to +35?C

Operating humidity: 30 to 85% (condensation to be avoided)

Compatible operating


Windows ® 98SE/Me/2000 Pro/XP HE/XP Pro, selected PDAs*2

(Japanese versions only)

*1 May not operate properly in certain conditions according to PC, connected peripheraland running application environments.

*2 Compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and Palm OS5 models that support standard CF slotsor PC card slots. A specific list of compatible models is scheduled to be available on theVodafone K.K. website at a later date.

3. Retail price (standard set): open price

The standard set consists of the VC701SI main body, a PC Card adaptor, external antenna(antenna and attachable clip), Startup Guide (easy to understand manual and setup CD-ROM).

4. Availability

After late April 2004.Appendix 2

New Price Plans and Discount Services for Vodafone Connect Card

1. Price Plan Names

– Data Value Pack Super

– Data Value Pack Regular

2. Discount Service Names and Overview

– Two Year Discount (for use with Data Value Packs) Offers 25% off on monthly basiccharges by signing up for a two year contract

– Yearly Discount (for use with Data Value Packs) Offers 15% off on monthly basic chargesby signing up for a one year contract

3. Basic Charges and Data Communication Charges Data Value Pack Super Data Value PackRegular 10,600 yen 5,800 yen w/ Two Year Discount 7,950 yen 4,350 yen Basic charge w/Yearly Discount 9,010 yen 4,930 yen Free communications 2,000,000 packets
-> approx. 244MB (30,000 yen) 320,000 packets

-> approx. 39 MB (8,000 yen) Packet communication charges 0.015 yen/packet 0.025yen/packet

*Data Value Pack Super customers can view approximately 870 pages of 150 kilobyte web news(approximately 29 pages a day) and send or receive approximately 2400 50K mails includingattachments (approximately 80 a day).

*Data Value Pack Regular customers can view approximately 200 pages of 150 kilobyte webnews (approximately 6.5 pages a day) and send or receive approximately 900 mainly text 50Kmails including attachments (approximately 80 a day).

*64K digital communication charges are as follows: Data Value Pack Super: 40 yen/min (10yen f
or under 10 seconds) Data Value Pack Regular: 80 yen/min (10 yen for under 10seconds)

*64K digital communication charges using Access Internet are 1.8 times the above 64Kdigital communication charges.

*Family Discount, Happy Packet, Happy Bonus cannot be applied. Automatic Carry Over andHappy Time are not applicable.

*If discount service is discontinued at any time other than the renewal month, a 10,000yen fee will be assessed for the Two Year Discount and 4,000 yen fee for the YearlyDiscount. (Renewal months for the Two Year Discount are the 25 th month, the 49 th monthetc. and the 13 th and 25 th month for the Yearly Discount)..VC701SI

(manufactured by Seiko Instruments)