Vodafone Introduces VRM301R Module for Mobile Communications
Vodafone Introduces VRM301R Module for Mobile Communications

Vodafone Introduces VRM301R Module for Mobile Communications

Vodafone Introduces VRM301R Module for Mobile Communications

Vodafone K.K. announced today it developed the VRM301R remote module (manufactured by JRC, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.), which incorporates mobile handset communication components and functions. Vodafone K.K. will market the remote module to industrial and business machine manufacturers after mid-February 2004. By integrating the VRM301R into their products, manufacturers will be able to add communication features like Sky Mail, Long Mail (including e-mail) and voice in addition to other wireless data communication functions. As a result, manufacturers will be able to develop a wide range of low-cost applications that meet their needs, including ones for remote control and remote monitoring.

Until now Vodafone K.K. has offered mobile services that primarily enrich person-to-person communications. With the introduction of the VRM301R, however, Vodafone K.K. is now able to offer a wider range of options like person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications. Vodafone K.K. also believes the VRM301R will allow machine manufacturers to add value to their products and assist them in creating new business opportunities.

Product Name Vodafone Remote Module
Serial No. VRM301R
Dimensions 57.9 x 37.0 x 9.8mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Under 40g
Network type PDC (circuit-switch)
Speed Maximum 9600bps
Power rating 3.7V ? 0.2V
Power consumption Average while on standby: approx. 1.8mA (on sleep mode)
Maximum while sending: approx. 1.0A
connection plugs
30 pin connector (RS232C compatible)
RF connector (for external antenna)
16 pin connector (for maintenance)
Antenna Connects to external antenna
Control method AT command/Vodafone K.K.’s proprietary AT command
Storage temperature: -30?C to +80?C
Operating temperature: -20?C to +60?C

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