GRIC Providing Wi-Fi Service for Japan Telecom Customers
GRIC Providing Wi-Fi Service for Japan Telecom Customers

GRIC Providing Wi-Fi Service for Japan Telecom Customers

GRIC Providing Wi-Fi Service for Japan Telecom Customers

GRIC Communications, Inc., a leading provider ofsecure, managed broadband and global remote access solutions for enterprises and serviceproviders, today announced a milestone Wi-Fi agreement with JAPAN TELECOM, one of Japan’slargest telecommunications service providers. The agreement, the first Wi-Fi roamingagreement by JAPAN TELECOM with a partner, provides 1.7 million customers of JAPANTELECOM’s Open Data Network (ODN), the company’s ISP service, with seamless, global mobile broadband service, “powered by GRIC.” JAPAN TELECOM customers will have access to the GRIC TierOne Network(TM), which includes the world’s largest mobile broadbandfootprint, using the GRIC-branded mobile office client.

Major Wi-Fi Industry Event “This agreement is a major step forward in fosteringdemand for Wi-Fi services, since the partnership between JAPAN TELECOM and GRIC givesbusiness customers instant access to mobile broadband, not only in Japan but alsooverseas,” said Toshihiro Mishima, Research Manager, IDC Japan. “Strategicalliances with leading international network aggregators such as GRIC allow carriers andother providers to quickly roll out innovative broadband services that bring tangiblebenefits to the customer. This is a real win-win solution for everyone.”

“Offering global mobile broadband service allows service providers todifferentiate service offerings, grow average revenues per user (ARPU), and increasecustomer loyalty,” said Bharat Dave, GRIC President and CEO. “We are delightedto enable JAPAN TELECOM to quickly and cost-effectively introduce this exciting and uniquenew service to its growing customer base.”

“JAPAN TELECOM is committed to delivering world-class broadband performance andubiquity to our customers,” said Miyuki Suzuki, Executive Vice President, and Head ofConsumer Business Unit of JAPAN TELECOM. “With the GRIC solution, our ODN customerscan now get broadband-speed access with one account and one invoice from virtuallyanywhere in the world, enjoying unprecedented convenience and productivity.”

One of the principal reasons JAPAN TELECOM selected GRIC over other potential partnersis GRIC’s ability to seamlessly integrate with JAPAN TELECOM’s settlement system. Thisunique capability significantly reduces the time to market for new services such as Wi-Fiand reduces overall deployment costs.

GRIC’s Complete Wi-Fi Solution The key features of GRIC’s complete Wi-Fi solution forservice providers include the following:

— A truly global Wi-Fi service footprint with coverage in 39 countries across threecontinents. The GRIC TierOne Network is the world’s largest global mobile broadbandnetwork with over 7,400 mobile broadband access points including more than 6,100 Wi-Fihotspots in 39 countries and 1,350 Ethernet access locations in 30 countries.

— An easy-to-use interface allowing multiple access choices including seamless Wi-Firoaming with one account and one invoice for customers

— Carrier-tested authentication, authorization, and transaction management — A proventrack record of working successfully with carriers and service providers on a global basisBy leveraging GRIC’s global wireless network and unmatched mobile broadband expertise,service providers and carriers can dramatically reduce the time to market and cost ofproviding Wi-Fi services, accelerate revenues, and increase customer loyalty.

About GRIC Communications, Inc. GRIC Communications, Inc. is a leading provider ofsecure, managed broadband and global remote access solutions for enterprises and serviceproviders worldwide. GRIC’s mission is to enable customers to dramatically reduce thecost, complexity, and risk of mobility, while maximizing the productivity of mobile andremote workers. GRIC provides a complete portfolio of managed broadband and global remoteaccess solutions including mobile office, teleworker and branch office solutions. Moreinformation about GRIC is available at http://www.gric.comor by calling 877-GET-GRIC in North America or 408-955-1920 elsewhere.

About JAPAN TELECOM JAPAN TELECOM Co., Ltd. (“JAPAN TELECOM”) provides fixedline voice and data transmission services to customers across Japan through approximately10,000 km of fiber-optic networks. In addition to its leading role in the provision of IPservices, the company is active across a range of operations in all telecommunicationsmarkets, both domestic and international. For more information, please visit